Astounding Africa waits for those who seek something thrilling in their lives with open arms. Wild, rustic, unique and mysterious. Even in today’s modern world, Africa is ripe with adventure. Kenya sits as the jewel inside, packed with unthinkable combinations that will leave you stunned. What other country has mountains, beaches, forests, savannas, and deserts, all under one umbrella? All of this, and much more are hiding within Kenya, only for you to come and experience. The sooner you get packing, the better! We are here to help you get on the great adventure of your lifetime!

1. Diani Beach and Watamu beaches

Kenya and white, pearl beaches sound impossible, but such an incredible landscape is everywhere once you come to Kenya. The Indian Ocean washes and refreshes Kenya’s shores, offering you a chance to relax and unwind. Almost virgin beaches, which are still hidden from the world as people hardly associate Kenya with a tropical paradise, offer you a chance to see something new.

For the explorer in you, you can track across Kenya’s colonial history and ports while you bask in the sun. Funzi Island or Lamu Archipelago is for those who want to dive into other topics, like diving and exploring the incredible wildlife beneath the sea. The Kenyan Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world, and its wonders are waiting for you to see!

2. Wild and national parks of Kenya

Wildlife is abundant in this wild African country! All those incredible shots from the documentaries on National Geographic are filled right here in Kenya. The Great Wildebeest Migration happens right here from July to October, you can see hordes of zebras and wildebeests track across the land. The same land that will shake from that incredible stampede, causing you to gaze off into the endless stream of animals. Uncountable, untamed and untouched, such a sight leaves anyone speechless. From forests to planes and across the Mara River, in the end, this stream of wild animals is observed from a safe distance and by an experienced guide, leaving you to enjoy one of nature’s great wonders.

3. Mystical cultures of Kenya tribes

Multiple tribes still inhabit Kenya and have survived the test of time. Saying “unique” does not do them justice, as they are something more. You can find members and experience the fascinating cultures of  Turkana, Samburu, Swahili, El Molo, Rendille, Pokot and Maasai, all thriving within Kenya. Each of them can teach you a new thing about their culture, way of life and how to treat Mother Nature.

Kenya is a treasure trove of knowledge, one that you can use to expand your horizons. In return, you can give back to Kenya by offering qualified and experienced teaching overseas, so volunteers and enthusiasts are welcome with open arms. Kenya’s culture accepts and welcomes to all who wish to learn and help. The harsh land of Africa can be better with a friend by your side.

4. Nairobi – the crowning jewel

Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi, which offers yet another side and experience for travelers. Think of Nairobi as your haven and a jumping point to your next adventure. World-class restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and wild nightlife are there to fill your batteries. From dusk till dawn, Nairobi never sleeps the sheer pulse of energy that can invigorate you for your next destination within Kenya. While many people associate Kenya with a wild, untamed and rural land, Nairobi stands to prove them wrong. Modern, tech and developed, Nairobi will surprise you in the same way as any other part of this incredible country.

5. Amboseli National Park

Snow-capped mountains in Africa, coupled with elephants, zebras, hippos and other wildlife? Just shy of 150 miles from Nairobi, you will wind the wonderous Amboseli National Park, which offers such incredible shots. Bordering with Tanzania you will see Mount Kilimanjaro, but that’s part of a different story. Kenia has over 60 national parks, so you cannot go wrong or be left hungry. Funded by tourism, national parks in Kenia still try to remain rustic while keeping up with modern demands.

We’ve singled out the Amboseli National Park for a chance to get such unique shots of elephant herds on plains with mountains in the background while you are near swamplands with hippos, but each park has something astounding to offer. You can find parks filled with predators, birds, monkeys or a mix of anything in between, all waiting for your photographs. Your thirst for wildlife will fill the photo album with unforgettable memories.

For centuries, the African continent has inspired explorations and discoveries. Every part of this rich continent hides something new and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Wildlife, landscapes, marine life and local life, all come together in fusion to bring unmatched experiences for a lifetime of memories. Kenya is the perfect starting point for your African adventure. You can spend your entire life exploring this single African country and still find something new each day. What more could you ask from your ideal vacation resort? The sooner you get packing, the sooner Kenya will greet you with open arms. And you will never wish to leave.

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