When it comes to lighting the outside of your home or business, you will have a few options to choose from. There are several different types of outdoor lights you can use, whether you’re interested in something more permanent or something that is more temporary. You may also want to consider which kind of light would look best on your property and what would serve as the best source of illumination for your needs. If you’re trying to decide between an LED street Lights vs LED parking lot lights, there is a variety of factors to consider before making a final decision. In this blog post, we will go over some of the key differences between these two types of lights and help you decide which one might be better for your needs.

What Is a Street Light?

A street light is an outdoor light fixture that is usually found along the side of a road. This is a permanent fixture that is typically hardwired to an electrical grid and requires an electrician to install. Street lights are usually powered by electricity from the nearby power grid and are often used in residential and commercial areas to enhance safety and provide illumination for pedestrians and drivers at night. Street lights are generally high enough off the ground to illuminate a wide area, and their placement will usually be coordinated by local authorities or utility companies. Streetlights are also sometimes referred to as “sidewalk lights” or “roadway lights,” particularly when they are placed along a pedestrian pathway. However, a streetlight is often larger than a sidewalk light and generally taller than a roadway light. Unlike a parking lot light, a streetlight will generally be much taller and have a larger base to accommodate wiring and a transformer.

What is LED parking lot lights?

A parking lot light is a type of outdoor light that is installed in the parking lot of a business, school, or other commercial area. They are often installed near the entrance or exit of a parking lot, as well as in designated parking spaces for safety. Parking lot lights are typically installed as outdoor lights or flood lights and are powered by electricity. They are used to illuminate the parking lot to create better visibility for drivers and can be found in various places such as near schools, sporting events, large stadiums, in commercial parking lots, and near the entrance of commercial businesses. Parking lot lights can often be seen near the entrance of grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations.

Differences Between an LED Street Light and an LED Parking Lot Light

here are many differences between an LED street light and an LED parking lot light, some of them are listed below.

LED streetlights are designed to provide illumination for streets and roadways, while LED parking lot lights are designed for parking lots and other larger outdoor areas.

There are some key differences between the types of applications that street lights and parking lot lights are used for. For example, street lights are usually taller and mounted on poles, while parking lot lights can be shorter and mounted on buildings or walls. This is because street lights need to illuminate the entire road and sidewalk, while parking lot lights only need to provide light for a larger area. Street lights also need to produce more light for driving and other activities along the road, while parking lot lights only need to provide light for people walking on the property.

LED street lights are typically taller than parking lot lights, and they may also have a different light output and color temperature.

Along with the height difference, many streetlights are designed to produce lighter than parking lot lights. Street lights are often blue or white in color, while parking lot lights are usually a yellow or amber color. The difference in color temperature is due to the fact that the brightness and the color of the lights are often used to regulate traffic and pedestrian flow. Parking lots, however, do not need such precise control; they just need some light. Therefore, the parking lot lights are not as bright or as blue. They are also not as intense as street lights, as bright lights can have a negative impact on people and wildlife in the area.

Street lights are usually more spread out than parking lot lights.

As LED lighting continues to grow in popularity, there will likely be new and innovative designs and applications for the different types of lights. LED technology has already proven itself to be a worthy replacement for older lighting types, and the future looks even brighter.


One of the most notable differences between an LED street light and an LED parking lot light is the brightness. A street light is generally brighter than a parking lot light. This is because the street light needs to provide enough light so that pedestrians can safely navigate the road at night. On the other hand, a parking lot only needs to provide enough light so that vehicle drivers can safely navigate their vehicles throughout the parking lot. As such, an LED parking lot light generally has a lower lumens rating than an LED streetlight.

color temperature

Another notable difference between an LED street light and an LED parking lot light is their color temperature. A street light generally has a color temperature that is closer to white, whereas a parking lot light generally has a color temperature that is closer to yellow/orange. The color temperature of a ne

Color temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of a light. It is measured in Kelvin degrees. The warmer the color, the more yellow or orange the light will be. Cooler colors are blue or white. Higher color temperatures lead to lights that are brighter, while lower color temperatures produce lights with a yellow or orange tint, which makes them feel warmer.

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