Lower back pain can occur after a sports injury, fall, or car accident. You may have low back pain due to poor posture, or trouble with ambulation. If you have lower back pain, it’s time to see how we can help here at PT Link Physical Therapy. Low back pain can have a range of causes, and we work hard to determine what the underlying problems are. When you get the right diagnosis, it is then possible to provide you with the treatment you deserve to move forward from your painful condition.

Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work closely with you to determine what is going on with your body to cause you pain. During your first physical therapy appointment in Toledo, Bowling Green, or Lambertville, MI, we will talk to you about your treatment goals. A careful assessment is done to figure out what the issues are with your back. You may need to have further imaging done to see what is going on to cause you pain. Once your medical history is provided and an assessment is complete, it is possible that you will receive your first physical therapy treatment on your first visit.

Routine Physical Therapy Appointments

Physical therapy treatment builds up over time. It is important to stick to your scheduled appointments, because this is how you are going to heal from your low back pain. When you miss appointments, you may see your progress take a step back. You can expect to see a physical therapist two or three times a week during the early stages of treatment. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we want to be sure that you are getting the treatment you need on a consistent basis so that you can heal.

What to Expect During Treatment

Physical therapy is not passive for the patient. While you might get ultrasound, hot or cold therapy, or massage to reduce pain, you will also be taught exercises that are important to your recovery. You may be asked to perform exercises during your treatment, and be provided a home exercise program to do in between sessions. Your recovery will depend on your consistency with your exercises. If you have pain during treatment, or while doing your exercises, let your physical therapist know. Physical therapy should not be painful, although you may have times of discomfort as you learn new exercises.

Stretching on a daily basis is going to help your body overall. When you stretch and get exercise, you are ensuring that nutrient dense blood gets to your tight muscles. It is common for tight muscles to hurt, and this often leads to problems with low back pain. When you stretch on a regular basis, your muscles are less likely to constrict in pain. Work with a physical therapist at PT Link Physical Therapy, and get the treatment you need to reduce or eliminate your low back pain. Learn a solid exercise routine to support your low back health, and find relief from the pain you are in.

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Ava Green
Ava Green is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach with a passion for promoting mind-body wellness. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Ava has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds to help them achieve greater balance and harmony in their lives. She is dedicated to helping people reduce stress, improve their mental health, and cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies through yoga, meditation, and other holistic practices. Ava has written extensively on topics such as mindfulness, self-care, and the benefits of yoga for overall health and well-being. Her mission is to inspire and empower others to live their best lives by embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness. When she's not teaching or writing, Ava enjoys hiking, cooking healthy meals, and spending time with her family.