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Many persons accused of capital murder are factually innocent of the charges, and often their innocence does not come to light until after the State of Oklahoma has put them to death. Also, there are numerous instances where the district attorneys simply did not care to listen to the facts and help correct their previous mistakes and/or those of their predecessors.  What jerks – and other choice words we will not use to describe those district attorneys here.

Then there are issues of false, misleading, or missing witnesses, missing/withheld/altered evidence, ineffective counsel, and other circumstances that can cost a person – innocent or not – her/his/their life. These are yet more reason the defense attorneys and the accused defendants need a skilled, trained, educated, experienced, licensed private investigator in Moore, Oklahoma at a reputable private investigation agency in Moore, OK to conduct private investigations in Moore, OK.

An experienced private investigator in Norman, OK at our private investigation agency in Moore can assist a capital murder defense attorney get a defendant whom the State of Oklahoma has accused of capital murder exonerated or even help provide evidence showing why a convicted person deserves prison time instead of a state-sanctioned murder. Some of the ways a private detective in Moore at our private investigation agency in Moore,

OK can assist a capital murder defense attorney in Oklahoma are as follow:

Locating and Interviewing Vital Witnesses

Researching Laws

Reviewing Evidence

Providing Expert Witness Testimony on the Stand

Jury Selection Assistance

Locating Missing/Tampered/Withheld Exculpatory Evidence

Reviewing Video Footage

DNA Analysis

Fingerprinting Service Assistance

Evidence Examination

Providing Independent Investigative Perspective and Insight

Much More!

When your life or the life of your defendant or loved one is at stake, do not take any unnecessary chances or risks! Contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her team of private investigators in Moore, OK at her private detective agency in Moore, Oklahoma today for the best, most effective Oklahoma death penalty private investigations in the State of Oklahoma. 

There are sadly many crooks and thieves who have no morals, scruples, or ethics, and who do not mind stealing from others and even physically hurting them in the process. When a burglar or robber commits a crime, there is usually some form of evidence.

It could be any of the following:




Bloody Weapons



Video Camera Footage

Witness Identification


Cell Phone Tower Information

Traceable Pattern of Crime Information/Evidence

Many Other Kinds

A licensed private investigator in Moore at our private investigation agency in Moore can conduct the kinds of Moore, Oklahoma private investigations that can most benefit the victims of burglary or theft. Having successfully fended off two would-be robbers in India, Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her experienced, dedicated team of private investigators in Moore, OK at her private investigation agency in Moore know how they think, act, and what they do that hurts other individuals.

There are few things scarier or more financially and emotionally damaging that having a criminal in Oklahoma invade your home, your space, and threaten the economic and emotional/mental livelihood of you, your place of work, and your family. No one has the right to put your lives and sanity at risk, and everyone has the right to feel safe and secure – both with their property and physical bodies.

If a burglar or robber has hurt you or someone you know or love, then please contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her team of licensed private investigators in Moore at her private detective agency in Moore, OK today for a free consultation to see how they can assist you with your private investigations in Moore, OK.  Let an experienced private detective in Moore, OK assist you in attempting recover your property and help you try to prevent such a crime from occurring to you and those you love and care about in the future.