It’s a fairly simple music player with standard music playback and organizer features including a lyrics downloader.

MediaHuman Lyrics Finder is a dedicated lyrics search software for Windows 10. It is specially designed to find song lyrics from various online sources including LyricsFreak, Genius, AZLyrics and Megalyrics. And it comes with a built-in music player. So you can play songs and see their lyrics as well.

You can find a dedicated section where the lyrics are displayed. It provides some lyrics options like search for lyrics, search for song lyrics on the web, etc. You can also make changes to existing lyrics and save edited lyrics to song metadata. In addition to that, you can increase or decrease the font size of the letter according to your preferences.

Free Lyrics Finder

Free Lyrics Finder is another dedicated software for searching song lyrics from online sources. It allows you to play music and download the lyrics of the tracks. You can view the song lyrics by clicking the Find Lyrics option present on the toolbar. Some other features like Filter songs by empty lyrics and Show song cover image are also available.


AIMP is quite a popular music player with the ability to download and display song lyrics. To view song lyrics, import your music library and right-click a song. Then click the File Info option on the context menu. A Label Editor window will open where you will see the best lyrics website tab. Go to the Lyrics tab and it will show you the labeled lyrics.

If you don’t see any lyrics, click the Download lyrics from the Internet option (highlighted in the screenshot above). It will download lyrics from the web and display them on the screen. You can also manually edit the lyrics of a song and save it to the tag information.

It is a good music player and it also comes with an audio converter to convert audio formats.

Music bee

Music bee is another music player that searches and displays lyrics. It shows you tagged lyrics and allows you to retrieve lyrics from the internet. In addition, it allows you to edit the letters displayed. You can even download another lyric downloader plugin from and configure the plugin by going to Edit > Edit Preferences > Plugin option.

It allows you to save the lyrics of the recovered songs. In addition, it offers tools to download album art, convert audio formats, rip CDs, burn a disc, and more.