The Octane skins

Octane offers a wide range of skin options in Apex Legends. Are any of these cosmetics going to make you stand out in the Outlands? No one on the Apex Legends roster matches octane regarding speed and aggression, which is why he’s so popular.

His passive allows him to move quickly, and his ultimate will enable him to engage from a distance, making him the best legend for players always looking for a good fight. As with most characters, octane has various skins to choose from. Due to this, choosing which one to feature in-game can be a challenge. This guide is all about the best octane skins in detail.

Top 6 best Octane Skins

In addition to Prime Gaming, limited-time events, past battle passes, and in-store promotions, these skins can also be bought throughout the year.

You will never be able to purchase some of them again. The rating is almost exclusively based on aesthetics.

1.    XL-R8 octane skin

System Override Collection Event from Season 4 included XL-R8 Octane, which could be crafted for two thousand materials.

2.   Burn Out octane skin

As part of the Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event in 2021, the Burn Out skin was released. This Epic skin could have been crafted with 400 Crating Materials or purchased with 1000 Apex Coins.

Octane offers a number of good Epic skins, and this is one of them. Due to its similarity to other Epic skins in the Anniversary Collection Event, Octane is suited for this Epic skin. This skin doesn’t have gold plating on the legs, but they appear to have painted them a ruby-like color, which always looks good. The Apex Legends Octane Edition or the Twitch Prime Gaming Loot would’ve been a better place for this skin.

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3.   Wild Speed octane skin

As part of the Season 9 ALGS Store Sale in May of 2021, Wid Speed Octane was available as part of a bundle for 1,800 Apex Coins.

4.   The Overdrive octane skin

October 2022 marked the release of the Overdrive skin for Octane during the Back to Black Sale. Apex Coins could have been bought for 1800 for this legendary skin.

There is no doubt that Overdrive is more of an alternative skin when compared to octane. In this case, they have attempted to break from the octane’s rough exterior. This time, the minimalistic look he always has was accentuated, but the design was more contemporary. It is refreshing to see octane’s aesthetic change with this skin. The item was in our store as recently as March, but we are unsure when it will be available again.

5.   Extreme Measures octane skin

Octane Extreme Measures requires 10500 Legend Tokens and ‘The Victory Lap’ to craft and first appeared in the store in July 2019.

6.   Clocktane octane skin

First released in the 2020 Grand Soiree Arcade Event, the steampunk-inspired Clocktane skin is steampunk inspired. Even though it’s bronze armor and teal clocks are memorable, it has only appeared in-game twice as part of bundles that cost upwards of 6,000 Apex Coins.

Top 6 rarest octane skin

1.   The Whiplash octane skin

Streaming platforms such as Twitch are extremely popular online. In addition to hosting, the platform also works with game developers, such as Respawn, to promote their products to increase traffic for both parties.

Added to the Twitch Prime Loot for Apex in August 2019, Whiplash was a part of the promotional offerings. In rare skins, the legendary warrior wears worn-out red/black tones, giving him a look of someone who you wouldn’t want to mess with.

2.   Octane skin for Adrenaline Affliction

The Amazon Prime Gaming program also offers an exclusive skin for Octane, as it does for most Legends. Characters in Adrenaline Affliction wore purple outfits with battery packs attached to their waists and backs. Only Prime Gaming members could access the cosmetic in March 2021, and it won’t be coming back soon.

3.   Exo-Weave octane skin

Apex is a cross-platform game, so Respawn can create promotions that are platform-specific to award certain cosmetic items.

In February 2020, all Playstation Plus subscribers were able to download Exo-Weave. Without a PlayStation, you’d need to purchase the console to get a chance at obtaining it, making it the most expensive skin on our list.

In the future, you can ask a friend who doesn’t play Apex to claim similar deals for you.

4.   Octane skin from Extreme Measures

Apex players know most craft able skins are available just a few times a year, but Extreme Measures is one of the few that stays in stock for months. There have been only three appearances of this recolor of The Victory Lap skin since its debut in 2019 and no return since 2022.

5.   Hot Pursuit octane skin

As part of the Legendary Hunt, one of the game’s first events, Hot Pursuit, was added to Apex.

Its unique color scheme makes Hot Pursuit an excellent Octane skin despite not featuring any groundbreaking elements. A turquoise and orange color combination makes him look like a hybrid of a cheetah and a person.

6.   Octane skin Abstract Splash

While many Epic and Legendary skins on this list have a rare classification, Abstract Splash does not. In addition to being difficult to find, it can only be earned after purchasing 20 real-life Monster Energy drinks.

Monster cans will contain codes that can be redeemed for in-game rewards, including skins, battle pass levels, and more, starting in September 2021. There is still time to redeem 20 codes even though the contest has ended. Thus, those who take the time to redeem 20 codes may still be able to get the skin.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the rarest skin for octane?

The Messenger. The messenger may be the rare Octane skin since it was introduced with Apex’s first battle pass. In this rare skin, the legend’s hair was redone or a new paint job was applied to players who reached battle pass level 48.

How does the Octane Stim work?

The ability to Stim defines octane’s style of play. This gives octane his speed because he’s all about speed. At average rates, octane will be 30% faster and 40% faster while sprinting, at the cost of 20 health.

Octane is a drug addict, isn’t he?

There is no doubt that octane is a drug addict. He must inject himself with some unknown concoction every so often to maintain his high-speed thanks to his Tactical Ability, Stim.

How does octane inject himself with fuel?

He inherited a butterfly knife as his heirloom. While this knife may seem ordinary, it contains Stim, the drug used by octane to enhance his speed. To be able to slash opponents and inject drugs into himself, octane customized a butterfly knife.