If the relationship has ended due to fears and blocks or because he simply says “he doesn’t love you. You can analyze the case and approach him again if you can see that there are still feelings.

When they have left you for another person, you can still recover them, since your partner is probably living an unreality conditioned by the influence of another person.

If the relationship was based on conflicts of interest, discussions or lack of understanding and that has led to the breakup. A second chance can be given to the relationship.

Many other times the burden, self-centeredness or harassing our partner in the relationship end up breaking everything and causing an excessive estrangement. These rituals can help you put an end to all these problems.

There are endless properties in which Love spells to bring back your long lost lover can be useful, but the idea is to consult a specialist to let you advice on the ritual that best suits your circumstances.

What love mooring to make?

As we said before, an evaluation should always be made, but based on the latest news and opinions we have about Dr. Hamdin, we would recommend these 4 very useful love moorings.

White Magic with Archangels

As its name indicates, in this love mooring, the requests are made to the archangels and it does not mean that the following rituals are black magic or harmful magic, but rather that in this ritual only archangels are worked. This ritual is very appropriate to sweeten, return to couples who have left very recently and for small imbalances or problems.

Many specialists say that it is a progressive ritual and that it has certain duration.

Spell with Yoruba Santeria

It is an ideal Love spells to bring back your long lostlover or spell when the relationship has been broken for longer. Entrusted to the Holy Orishas, ​​requests are made for the couple to return facing a new situation with a better character and optimism. It is a powerful love mooring, very effective in relationships that have been broken by arguments, third parties and even by problems of understanding and lack of affection.

It is a ritual that could become long-lasting.

Mooring with Voodoo Candomblé of knots

This voodoo spell is performed with great care and dedication, since it is a ritual that could become eternal. It is a powerful job that is done on many occasions for those couples where there are suspicions of a third person. When it is believed that we are at risk of our partner being unfaithful to us, this ritual could help us keep thoughts away from other people.

Being one of the most powerful works, we must bear in mind that although it could become eternal, we ourselves could remove said ritual.

Love mooring with Mooring and Nailing

This famous love ritual, made very popular by Dr. Hamdin, is one of the most powerful rituals in magic.

In the event that the relationship could have been hindered by the family or friendship circle of our partner, where through gossip, bad advice or direct actions that could have been decisive for the estrangement of our partner, this ritual can put in order all those problems.

Being the most powerful ritual, it is believed that it could become irreversible, so it is a ritual where we must be very clear about what we want to achieve.

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