Are you tired of cleaning your windows and mirrors with a haze of fog? It’s not a way to avoid it. Exhaust fans are an absolute popular of the winter months however, what Exhaust Fan is the right one for your home? We’ve assembled our selections of the top Exhaust Fans to have in your bathrooms this winter.

Ventair Sahara 4-in-1 Exhaust Fan (Exhaust, Heat, Light and Fan)

You can enjoy the best of both possible worlds with the powerful and energy efficient Sahara 4-in-1 Exhaust Fan by Ventair! The Ventair Sahara, you’ll have four fantastic features within one unit! With Heat, Exhaust Fan and Light options to choose from, you’ll feel comfortably all year round. In addition Ventair Sahara Ventair Sahara is a great choice with one of the most stylish designs that are available, and in white or black. The modern Sahara keeps your bathroom looking sleek and polished,

Product Features:

  • The extraction rate is 380m3/hr.
  • Innovative Fan Cooling function (perfect for hot temperatures)
  • 2 1,000W 2 x 1000W Heat Strips (Full heat and half-heat options)
  • 20W LED Panel (Natural White)

IXL Tastic Luminate Bathroom 3-in-1 Exhaust Fan

If you’re in search of something elegant and powerful, then you should look no further than the IXL Tastic 3-in-1 Exhaust Fan! Made and designed in Australia and the IXL Tastic comes with a high-quality Exhaust ideal suitable for Aussie climate. It produces a staggering 480m3/hr of extraction, and featuring unique Halo Heat(tm) technology, The IXL Tastic will ensure that your mirrors clear of fog in the winter!

Product Features:

  • The powerful airflow is 480 m3/hr.
  • Halo Heat(tm) Technology
  • 25W Energy Saving LED

Eglo Inferno 3-In-1 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A Lighting Illusions essential, the sleek Eglo Inferno Exhaust Fan is an efficient and powerful design to your bathroom this winter. With 550m3/hr of extraction, and a massive 1000W heating lamp The Inferno can keep your warm throughout winter, while removing unwanted humidity out of the atmosphere. This quiet exhaust Fan comes in two color variations and is ideal for bathrooms that are large to medium-sized.

Product Features:

  • High Extraction 550m3/hr
  • 1000W Halogen Heat Lamp
  • 4 x 5W GU10 LED Globes

Mercator Domino 3-in-1 Exhaust Fan

Slim and contemporary in appearance Modern and sleek, the Mercator Domino Exhaust Fan is popular with clients due to its superior performance innovative features, astonishing cost! As a 3-in-1 exhaust fan it is a 3-in-1 Exhaust Fan. The Domino comes with an Exhaust fan as well as a Light and Heater. We are thrilled to see this powerful unit in the homes of our customers and trust that the Dominos extremely durable components will last for many years to come.

Product Features:

  • High Extraction of up to 500 M3/hr*
  • 2 x Powerful 3000K LEDs
  • 800W Heat Lamp

Ventair Square Airbus 300 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A slim and minimal appearance within your bathroom and toilets is simple using Ventair’s Ventair Square Airbus 300 Exhaust Fan. Made of tough acrylic and offered in a white glossy finish and a glossy black, it’s Airbus 300 is the perfect option for homes with modern designs. With 550m3/hr of air removal and a convenient flex and plug the sleek exhaust fan ticks every box.

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