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Pakistan is a country that has endured decades of instability and is still struggling to come to terms with the many challenges it faces. Yet, as one of the world’s most populous countries, Pakistan plays a pivotal role in the global economic system. With an economy driven largely by its textile sector, Pakistan’s ultimate goal is to build upon its export-driven development model and generate sustainable growth within its borders.

While Pakistan has made progress in recent years, particularly in export development, it still faces several challenges that threaten to hamper its ability to create a stable and reliable business environment. Among these is the need for increased manufacturing quality controls by foreign and local businesses.

This is where the third-party inspection service industry comes in. There are several companies for quality control and factory audit in Pakistan. Quality control testing has lingered in the background and has not received the necessary attention.

Let’s learn what quality control and Factory Audits are and how it works in Pakistan.

What is Quality control?

Quality control is identifying and correcting deviations from a predetermined standard. It encompasses all actions performed to ensure that products or services are provided according to specifications and requirements. Quality control procedures require a systematic approach and analysis of all details about manufacturing processes, raw materials, and products.

Quality control testing aims to establish conformity with specifiers’ requirements, the product development process, requirements such as specifications, adherence to Pro-forma plans, design objectives, and other relevant decisions within a project cycle. Quality control tests the process and product performance from raw material to final/finished product.

What problems can quality control solve?

Quality and manufacturing excellence is the first step to sustainability. This can be achieved by applying quality control and monitoring processes in factories. The essence of developing an effective quality control process is through a series of audits, screening tools, checks, and controls. It is a systematic approach to identify those items that need to be controlled or monitored specifically.

Various factors influence the level of sophistication in manufacturing industries: cost, time, manpower, and legal restraints such as labor laws and regulations. A measurable improvement in productivity is expected when new technology becomes available for the industry or product requirements change with new trends or design changes.

What are Factory Audits?

A factory audit is an external examination or evaluation of a company’s operations, products, and workforce. It can also be an examination or evaluation of the systems, practices, and procedures in place that are used to achieve compliance with various standards or codes of practice. 

In some cases, a company may pay for an audit by a third-party organization as part of its quality control program. A third-party inspection service firm will then examine the facilities and provide feedback so they can if needed, make improvements based on certain metrics.

What problems can factory audits solve?

The main purpose of the factory audit is to assess the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of operations to identify any problems that may have occurred. For example, it could examine procedures and management systems used to implement quality control.

If a company’s lab is keeping records that are not accurate, it has poor record management practices, or if there are no quality checks, it may be indicated by a factory audit. Furthermore, an expert would examine the production process, facility layout, and equipment to determine how well each piece of equipment conforms to its design specification.

A factory audit is a very useful tool because it can help to prevent problems before they occur. This system will improve overall confidence in management and competitiveness. Only qualified individuals must perform the inspection, as they can give an accurate opinion of the plant’s practices and procedures.

Factory audits are commonly performed in light manufacturing industries and mechanical processes, chemical processes, and aerospace companies. 

There is a great deal of legal pressure on businesses to strictly meet certain standards and regulations or risk being shut down or fined. Factory audits can help a company prove that their business is indeed compliant with such regulations by collecting evidence for such compliance, making the audit very useful.

Best Companies for Factory Audits in Pakistan

Here are a 3 of the best companies for factory audits in Pakistan:

1- LigerCorp

Ligercorp is one of Pakistan’s best factory audits and quality control management companies. They provide various services such as testing, inspection, quality control, auditing, and other related activities. In addition, they have a team of professional engineers who work with lots of success and provide the best services to their customers.

2- Pro QC

Another best factory audit company is Pro QC. They provide various services such as quality control, laboratory testing and analysis, third-party inspection services, and risk management. Their professional experts always work hard to meet their customer’s satisfaction.

3- Cosmos PK 

Cosmos PK is one of the best companies for factory audits in Pakistan. They provide a variety of quality control and factory audit services such as third-party inspection, FDA inspections, litigation support, ISO certification, assessment of documents, verification and validation studies, and many more.

Bottom Line

Factory audits are important for several reasons, each of which has been given some explanation. We hope you get the idea of product inspection and quality control services. If you are looking for quality factory audit services, you can contact any of the above companies. However, our top recommendation is LigerCorp, the best quality control management company in Pakistan.

What is the Importance of Product Inspection and Quality Control

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