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When starting your own business, there is so much to think about. This is especially the case if you have a product to sell. Many businesses offer services and therefore don’t have to think about everything else that comes with selling something tangible.

Though there is a lot of money to be made, and a high chance that your business will be successful if you’re selling the right product, it’s important to ask yourself these questions before actually going ahead with it.

Who is my target audience?

Understanding your target audience is one of the most important things in almost any industry. From film and TV to the food industry, they all have to know who is buying their products and what those people want.

This applies to you too, no matter what product or service you’re selling. Finding out who your customers are, can really help with meeting their needs, and help you decide how to move forward as a business.

What are my margins?

Even though you may really love what you do and sell, the main purpose of business is to make money. When selling a product, it can be easy to feel that as long as you’re making a profit, you’re doing okay.

However, tweaking your margins even slightly, can make a big difference in the long run. Can you cut costs somewhere or charge more in certain areas? The bigger your margins, the more money you will make.

Can I manage more orders?

For many new businesses selling products or services, they often start with a very small production team and limited equipment. But what if orders increase?

Knowing what to do if you have a sudden influx of orders, is a major advantage, as you can jump straight to your plan, confident that you’ll be able to cope. Will you need more staff or equipment? Perhaps it’s a good idea to factor in these scenarios now, if you’re starting to see an increase in orders.

Doubling your team and looking at companies like conveyor belts at, can be a great place to start.

Can I expand?

Sometimes you find one product that people love, and run with it. Many huge companies only sell a limited number of products, because they know that’s what their customers want most.

Having said that, sometimes you can only get so much, from selling one or two products. Thinking ahead about how you can expand your business, is always a good idea and can really future proof the way ahead for you.

Finding another product that you can sell within your particular niche, can truly mean continued success, even if sales of your original product sales, start to dwindle.

Being in the business of selling products, can be both stressful and very rewarding. Just asking yourself the questions above, can give you a good idea of your current position and where you should go in the near future to further your success.