A rain shower head includes features for every taste. Key features include water pressure balancing that creates a soothing flow of water over a large area based on the size of the rain shower head.

Many spray nozzles allow water to flow or fall instead of a spray like a standard shower head. Below are the usable features available when purchasing a rain shower head.

Rainfall shower head with hand cord – If you want a hand cord for your shower choose a rain shower head model with an attached hand cord. Look for a design that allows both the rainfall showerhead and the handheld to be used at the same time.

LED lights – Installing an LED lighted rain shower head in the shower adds a new dimension to the showering experience. Options include many colors and color shift and color stretch options. They come in square, rectangular, or circular shapes. LED lighted rain shower heads are only under water pressure; no batteries or electricity required.

Ceiling Suite – Rain shower heads are usually located on the ceiling of the shower stall. However, the pipes must be open to bring water to the rain shower head. The height of the ceiling of the shower cabin is also important. Measurements are needed to allow the tallest person using the shower to have 12 inches of clearance from the rain shower head.

Extra Large – Extra large rain shower heads cover more distance in the shower. They usually provide almost the same water pressure and cover the whole body at once, so no moving around to wash or rinse. They are ideal for people with disabilities who have to sit down during the shower.

High pressure – Rain shower heads are not designed to spray high pressure water. They allow the water to fall smoothly.

A larger rain shower head may slightly reduce the water pressure, but high pressure rain shower heads are designed to provide more water pressure.

Water pressure is expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). Shower heads are typically 1.5 GPM and some, like rain showers, run at 2.5 GPM. Manufacturers do not make standard rain shower heads or shower heads that emit more than 2.5 GPM.

Extension Arm – Rain shower head extension arms allow for a better arrangement of the shower head and some types allow the angle to be adjusted. The main reason to use a rain shower head extension arm is to hang the head longer or to let it protrude further from the wall mount.

Dual Rainfall Shower Head – The dual showerhead system provides two separate rainfall showerheads. They can be the same style, shape and size or different in size or function. Each one is controlled separately.

This layout requires a larger bathroom layout to accommodate the spacious layout of the walk-in showers.

Rainfall Shower Head Finishes

Different finishes mean different prices, style, durability, and design. The finish you choose depends on the interior design of your bathroom and shower.

Chrome: Chrome is a timeless finish. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the rain shower head is made of chrome, but it has the same feel, enjoyment and appearance. Chrome comes with many decorating styles and is the most expensive finish for a rainfall shower head.

Polished Brass – This gold tone rain shower head is a replica of brass and is a permanent finish. Polished brass was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but is used less often today. The gold hue is quite bold, so make sure it matches your bathroom décor.

Crushed Nickel – Brushed nickel and gray are very popular. It works with almost any type of decoration and represents water stains.