NFTs are significantly the bigger portion of the social conversation among any circle of friends & colleagues. They have transformed how we perceive and interact with modern investments. Their interface is highly opportunistic and feasible to participate in. The sector had its biggest break yet in the year 2021 – with $41 billion down the line, it cemented its existence in the global presence of emerging sectors to look out for.

The future of NFTs and their advancements

The succeeding years are about to be a ball. The ever-growing playing ground of the NFTs is set to host a whole new generation of creators and investors to its platform with its growing utilities. The utilities are transforming much farther than their digital existence. Hyper-utility is what is going to drive the NFT to its edge in the coming years. Blockchain is the driving factor that is the acting commonality of it all. Web3, decentralization, AI, social media, and P2P communication are all being advanced on the new technology, and NFTs have a stake in them all one way or another.

Their evident growth seems to be about the hybrid approach to the assets traded on the platform – they are friendly termed as “phygitals” – a combination of physical and digital assets. These assets have a plethora of use cases in the interface as they can be tangible to experience. This article gives a brief peek into the advantages of NFTs going phygital and the repercussions of doing so.

Phygitality in the NFTs

Going by what NFTs’ general purpose was before the breakthrough to the 3-dimensional side of the equation, they were merely digital objects traded and consumed online. But, due to their rise in popularity and use scenarios, the interface demanded more than just the binary equivalent of the sector.

What does the physical counterpart of digital assets look like?

Well, they look like any old object, with the difference being that they have the added upper hand of being authenticated and stored on the blockchain. Any aspect of tickets, marketing, merchandising, tokens, and transactions can now be applied in NFTs. The different kinds of phygital ways NFTs are being used are mentioned as follows.

Authentication is the new normal

  • Imagine a physical or a digital product that you can authenticate beyond measure. That is exactly what NFTs’ basic functionality boils down to.
  • Any object that can reside in the binary space or the physical world can be minted as an NFT, and its digital counterparts can be authenticated for ownership.
  • From luxury items, personal belongings, and even groceries if need be.
  • Technologies like QR codes, tags, and tokens are case examples of how the objects can be authenticated on the blockchain.
  • Merchandising in the fashion industry can use both the digital copy of the NFT and the physical product of the same with the use of a unique token. Now, speaking of augmented reality…

Escapism in the metaverse

  • Augmented reality is really popular in the gaming space, and with the restrictions in the current climate, many people are turning to virtually created environments to escape from reality.
  • The ecosystems that are developed on the blockchain can be minted and sold as NFT assets.
  • Avatars, accessories, commodities, and entire metaverse ecosystems – virtual lands and community spaces.
  • Metaverse also extends to live merchandising aspects that are established in the fashion industry but can be translated to other enterprises as well.
  • From hospitality – virtual hotels and living spaces; to portable mobile games with projecting assets.

Ticketing to attend events

  • Tickets are just as popular as the growing advancements in the NFT division. They are just as the name suggests, but a digitally exclusive affair.
  • These tokens can be only used by the owner – to attend exclusive events, VIP parties, and even community spaces issued by the NFT marketplace.
  • They can also be a marketing tool, collateral for the exchange of assets, and gifts as rewards.
  • The gifting and reward is a high point in an NFT project where it drives it to its height in the interaction of user engagement.
  • These gift tickets can be used by NFT users from the blockchain-based NFT marketplaces and reap more benefits.

Concluding thoughts

The digitally native platform is highly regarded to house and better a variety of industries that have established commerce on the internet and more. The permanence and growth trajectory of the assets traded in the division appeal to more high-profile investors to start interacting with the platform – further bettering the economic stance of all the participants, present and future included.

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