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Quickbooks is financial accounting software that is used for small-scale businesses. This software is help the organization to maintain our data and files. Most the company prefer to use Quickbooks software because this software is easy to use and easy to handle in comparison to other software.

What is Quickbooks Error 6190 816?

The most common error that a user can face while using Quickbooks is an error that can be represented by 6190 816. This Quickbooks error can also be called a technical error and needs to solve and fixed at the initial stage to not create any issue in the future. This error comes with the text “Quickbooks Is Not able to open Company File Or Path to the file on the Host System”. By understanding how and why this error happens a user can easily solve it on the basic level.

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Reasons for Quickbooks Error 6190 and 816 to appear.

  • This error mainly appears when a file with the extension “.TLG” transaction logs is not matching with the company file. The main use of “.TLG” files is to keep the transactions records of the company and save them automatically to the Quickbooks application
  • The newly created file of a transaction is stored with an extension “.qbw.tlg” file. This file, however, cannot be converted into the company data file “.qbw” due to no access. Hence the error 6190 816 appears due to “.qbw” is not by the “.tlg” with which it is supposed to be linked. If the user is updating a company file on another system then it is saved in without first making sure that the transaction log file is updated then also this error appears. If another user using the system in a Quickbooks muti-user mode and tries to access the company file from another user’s system this error will appear. If the Quickbooks data file is corrupted or damaged then too this error might appear. That’s why it is important to check if the Quickbooks data file is corrupted or damaged on regular basis.

Ways of Resolving Quickbooks Error 6190-816.

First Solution: Using the Quickbooks file doctor tool.

NOTE: Before proceeding with this solution users need to check that the Quickbooks version they are using is up-to-date. If the version is older then they need to update Quickbooks to the latest version.

To solve the error with the help of the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool:

  • From the Official site of Intuit users need to download and install the latest version of Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • Before running this tool User need to check that he is signed in as the administrator.
  • Opt. for the first option which will identify any damaged file and will help you in resolving error 6190 816.
  • On being prompted users need to enter their Admin Password.
  • Next, you need to tell the tool the location of the folder containing company files is either on the server or the workstation.
  • If the folder storing the company file is on the server then click “yes” otherwise click on “no”.
  • Then you need to “Proceed “ with the help of the Quickbooks file doctor process on the tool to fix the error.

Second Solution: Checking it in a Single User Mode.

NOTE: When using this solution make sure that no other user is logged in to the system or is using the system.

To solve it using single-user mode:

  • User neer to restart the computer.
  • Then the user needs to move the data file to any other location than its source.
  • After some time the user needs to move back all the data back to its source.
  • Now users need to sign in to Quickbooks using their credentials.

Third Solution: By Fixing any Mismatch in Fix The Mismatch troubleshoot.

Results, why this error is appearing, will be displayed on the system and any damaged or corrupt file detected needs to be repaired immediately and automatically with the file doctor tool.