Having a comfortable and relaxing seat in your living room will impact your visitors and friends in a good gesture. This will appeal to a welcoming appearance in your living room. Talking about a sectioned sofa set, it is quite easy to install in the corner of your room without covering the major ground space.

Confused about having a perfect sectional sofa for your living room? Do not have a clear idea of L shaped sofa Dubai in your mind? There are different styles and unique featured sofa sets that can act as space saving furniture. Let’s make things easier for you by discussing some important points and key elements about installing a sectional sofa.

Three-component sectional sofa

This type of sofa set has three components to present a peaceful and comfortable seating arrangement. The main three-seater sofa is attached to the chaise seats that can be placed on either end of the sofa. The chaise seat is a unique luxury style sofa having a backrest and an extended seat that can act as a footrest or in large gatherings as a separate seat.

L shaped sofa with ottoman

Ottoman is a modern type of seat without any armrest or backrest. It can be of different shapes and sizes such as round, square and rectangular. Although the L-shaped sofa along with the ottoman presents a comfortable setting with a footrest, it may be used as a table or a separate seat. In modern designs, these ottomans can act as space saving furniture due to their open room under the upholstery.

Considering living room dimensions and size

When you have decided to install an L shaped sofa Dubai, you should keep in mind the exact dimensions and size of your living room.

  • Do not select a too-long sofa set for your living room with limited space. There are two sides, one is longer than the other so you need to decide which side will place parallel to the wall according to the space available in your room.
  • The second option is having both sides an equal sectional sofa set. If you do not have the space issue you can opt for this.
  • According to the space available for your seating fixtures, you will select the perfect match of a movable ottoman or a movable table to place on either side of the sofa.

Considering the number of people to sit

If you are a lovely host, then you will always be in worry to make the seating available for all the guests with a comfortable and versatile arrangement. The sectional sofa does not come alone, it might have a three-seater or a four-seater choice in front of you. If you love hosting parties and holidays with your friends you need to pick one according to the accommodation required. Similarly, if you are having a large family go for the best choice.


Do not stay in a hurry to make choices for your home furniture as it is a long-term investment that must satisfy all your desires and style such as the L shaped sofa Dubai and other space saving furniture for your living room.

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