Anime streetwear is a new clothing trend in Japan. Although it exists for a while, anime streetwear got more popular after several fashion magazines and online stores started to feature this style in their magazines and on their websites. Anime streetwear is similar to contemporary American hip-hop fashion with some Japanese influences added to it.

 In the west, most people know about manga and they have probably seen animes, but they still might not understand what anime is exactly or how it differs from manga. In short: manga = comics, anime = animated movies/series originating from Japan where drawings are made into short cartoons. Manga has been around for decades, but over time technology improved enough to make anime possible. For example, Akira was one of the first animes to be made, but it’s from 1988, and technology at that time wasn’t developed enough for something like this (it was incredibly advanced back then though!). The first anime started in the 20th century and they were short black and white cartoons with big eyes and simple features, because back then it was easier to animate these things. As time went on more groups invested in anime and we got more modern-looking animes as a result!

What does street clothing stand for?

The fashion business refers to streetwear as hip, laid-back clothing worn by pop culture enthusiasts. The majority of the following belong to a counterculture, are still under 30, and live in cities.

Anime streetwear is inspired by Japanese animation or manga called Street Fighter II:

Ryu Cosplay Costume, where characters wear similar clothes. Anime streetwear is also influenced by American hip-hop fashion. Backpacks with prints on them are popular too. They often feature characters from anime, but some of them have been printed with logos on them. Anime streetwear is mainly worn by teens and young adults who come from wealthy families. The most expensive anime streetwear items cost around 10 thousand yen (100 euro = 1125 US dollars).

High-class brands that sell anime streetwear include SILAS, JAM HOME MADE, ANTI SOCIAL CLUB, NEIGHBORHOOD, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design, etc…


Red Piero Lining Anime Tote Bag

As you can see in the example picture above, the most popular manga characters to put on backpacks or t-shirts are Naruto Umami and Luffy from One Piece.

Anime: One Piece  

One piece is the most popular manga and anime in Japan and several other East Asian countries. It’s about a boy named Luffy who wants to become the pirate king by finding the “one-piece” treasure that is hidden somewhere on an island called “Grand Line”. This story has been around for more than 20 years, so it has fans of all ages.

Luffy Anime T-shirt    

There are many different types of anime characters you can wear because there are so many different animes to pick from! Most people wear these because they like them, but some want to look like their favorite character even though they don’t know much about the show itself. For example, these guys that visited Japan wanted to look like Naruto Uzumaki, so they bought a shirt with his design on it!

Anime Streetwear Brands

Anime streetwear is mainly sold by high-end fashion brands. There are cheaper brands as well, but the quality isn’t as good and the designs aren’t very creative either. Popular brands include SILAS, JAM HOME MADE, ANTI SOCIAL CLUB, NEIGHBORHOOD, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design, etc…

The best place to buy anime streetwear is in Harajuku because there you can find many shops that sell them! This area gets its name from a popular clothing style called “Harajuku style”. There are many different types of anime streetwear like t-shirts, shoes, and accessories.

Anime Streetwear Example

Bleach Shirt

So as you saw in the example picture above this guy has a shirt with Chigoe Kurosaki from Bleach on it! This is probably one of the most popular amines to wear clothes from because it’s been around for almost 15 years now and people either want to look like their favorite character or they just love the show. If someone wanted to look like Chigoe then he could buy an orange wig, baggy pants, and black boots.

Anime Streetwear Shop in Harajuku

There are tons of anime streetwear shops in Harajuku so you can definitely find your favorite anime character on a shirt! Just walk around the shops and you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Anime Streetwear in Japan    

The anime industry has been growing at a steady pace for years now and it’s definitely going to keep going up even more because there are so many fans out there who love this style of art! Anime streetwear is a product of this fandom so if you really want to celebrate your favorite show then this would be a perfect way to do it!

Anime Stores in Harajuku    

 There are many anime stores in Harajuku like BAPE STORE, KERA STORE, etc… But usually, people don’t buy their clothes here because they look too rich and expensive. However, there are stores like animate that sell anime streetwear clothes for a relatively cheaper price.

Here’s a good store to buy “Bleach” t-shirts, backpacks, and accessories at!

Anime Streetwear Shops    

There are shops like Japan Anime Store where you can find tons of different anime characters printed on shirts or other items. If you want to look like your favorite character then this would be the best place to go shopping!


If you’re planning on visiting Japan then make sure to check out some of these stores in Harajuku! You won’t disappoint with the amazing designs that you can find there!

Anime Streetwear

Harajuku is the place where you want to go when you’re looking for anime streetwear shops in Japan. This area has a bunch of stores and most of them sell anime stuff like clothes, shoes, and accessories. People like this style because they look different from normal clothes that people wear but they don’t have anything to do with the show itself! The characters are just printed on some items so it’s just a way of expressing your fandom.