There is nothing more pleasing than decorating your home and having your guests like it. If you’re planning to host anyone, you should create a perfect guest room to ensure they have a memorable stay at your place.

A good guest room is uncluttered, and comfortable and gives someone the feeling of being at home. It’s also a place to give your personal touch through your arrangement and decor. Here are the top tips on how to decorate your guest room to make your guests feel comfortable.

1. Ensure They Have Maximum Privacy

Everyone needs some privacy from time to time and it would be great if you offered your guests this. The room should have a lockable door and windows so that your guests can lock themselves in whenever they please. For your guestroom doors, you can purchase barn door privacy locks, which offer complete privacy. By doing so, your guests will feel respected and understood. As you do this, remember to install some curtains for extra privacy.

2. Add Useful Furniture

If your guestroom has adequate space, it should have more than just a bed. You could add a small desk or a bench for your guests to use. By adding extra furniture you’ll be offering your guests the freedom to use their room for other activities.

At times, the guest might not want to spend time with you in common spaces, so adding furniture to their room will be a great idea. It’s even a great way to provide them with a working space in case they need to get a little work done during their stay.

3. Include a Sitting Area

If you’ve ever stayed in a five-star suite then you probably understand what this means. You can easily create a sitting area for your guests by adding a beautiful coffee table and several armchairs in one corner. If your guestroom is small, you can simply place them in one corner and add no other furniture other than the bed.

4. Store Enough Blankets and Pillows in the Room

Imagine having your guest ask you to turn down the AC or heat the room at all times. It might be inconvenient for them and you, so ensure the guestroom is stocked with enough blankets to ensure your guests stay warm. If possible, have an AC installed in their room or a working fan for whenever it gets hot.

5. Offer a Variety of Lighting Choices

Just like any other room, the guestroom should be functional, while offering maximum comfort and warmth. To accomplish that, you need to install different lights. You should have a bright primary light so that your guests can brighten up the room whenever they want. You should also have a table or floor lamps for whenever your guests prefer lower-light options. As you pick the light options, ensure you pay attention to each light’s color temperature around the room.

6. Keep the Decor Classic but Minimal

Since you’ll be hosting different people at your home, it’s important you avoid being biased when it comes to the decor. Avoid furnishings that are too bold or opulent. Not all guests will love a fancy aesthetic. Actually, in this case, less is better especially when you’re adding the furniture and bedding. The trick is to stick to neutral colors.

7. Don’t Forget Tech Gadgets and Connections

In today’s digital world, everyone is using a gadget. Your guestroom should include smart home products to make your guests more comfortable. For example, you could add smart lighting, a working phone charger, and some tech accessories. Adding these tech products ensures your guests are well-taken care of in case they forgot theirs at home.

8. Supply the Room With Toiletries

Lastly, remember to stock your guestroom with toiletry supplies such as toothpaste, body wash, and tissue rolls. As you do this, also ensure they have several clean towels in the room.

When it comes to creating a cozy guestroom, it’s about focusing on the small details to refresh the room and add functionality. If you are planning to host some guests during the holiday, there’s no need to buy new furniture or update the room’s paint. Just apply the tips mentioned in this post and you’ll have a perfect room for them. Simply add some personal touch, make everything easily accessible to your guests, and their stay will be comfortable.

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