Bar carts are meant to be a place to store liquor and glasses. However, they can also be beautiful if you know how they look. For those who are looking for some inspiration, we searched Pinterest for bar cart designs. These bar cart are a work-of-art and we can offer a few tips (29 to be exact) on how to make your own. Grab your most beautiful bottles of liquor and stylish glassware from the kitchen and place them on a cool bar cart.

Don’t forget to add accessories like glasses, bottles, and other items to your bar cart ideas before you start throwing them on the shelves. Bar accessories are objects that you might not normally consider bar accessories. You can use them to raise your bar cart in an interesting way. Your bar cart can be transformed from an area to store alcohol and glassware to a work of art by adding plants, books, candles, or even a record player. Your bar cart style can be as simple or complex as you like. You can be true to yourself and get inspired by these bar carts.

The 29 bar cart decor options below will give you amazing inspiration to make your own bar cart. Bar carts may be something you’ll never again see the same way. (And this isn’t necessarily a negative thing.

1. Add Your Plant Babies

Greenery, candles and books are not appropriate for bar carts. You can make your bar cart paradise by adding plant babies to it. You don’t need to be a great gardener, so grab some fake plants. Chances are that no one will ever find out.

2. Make it a Party Station

Pellegrino and fruit-infused waters are some of the options. This bar cart is basically a party-on-wheels. A cute drink dispenser is a great option if you host guests often. You can fill it with delicious punch, iced tea, or even boozy lemonade.

3. Add A Fresh Bouquet

It would be great to place your favorite bouquet alongside your favorite liquor. Fresh flowers placed around a home instantly brightens it. Why not add a few bouquets to your gold bar cart as well?

4. Display your most beautiful glassware

Take out any glassware you don’t want to keep in your cabinets and put them on your bar-cart. You can consider it an art piece in your home. Consider it a sign if you are looking for a reason to buy cute glasses.

5. Use a Pretty Tray

You can also use a portable bar tray to replace a cart. You can keep it stocked up with your favorite liquors as well as a few straws and a decorative object. If you have enough space, you could even add a few of your favorite glasses to keep on hand for a quick drink.

6. Add Your Record player

Because it can be hard to fill two full shelves with alcohol, sometimes it makes more sense to put in a recorder. Every time you get a drink, you will be able to remember to play some old-school music.

7. Make it match

Create a beautiful and matching bar cart display by coordinating all the accessories, including plants. Pro tip: You can match your lime garnishes perfectly with your favourite plants.

8. Make the most of small spaces

This bar cart arrangement is perfect for corners that feel empty but have little decor space. This bar cart setup allows you to keep everything in reach while also filling that space you haven’t been able to figure out what to do with.

9. Combine It in

You can coordinate your bar cart and other accessories in your home, such as the large statement mirror that you have in your living area, or your rug. Your bar cart can soon be a functional art piece in the home.

10. Make it double as a sidetable

You won’t be able to decide what to do about that pineapple canister. You can add a bar cart display to make it even more adorable. By placing your bar cart next to a sofa or chair in your house and adding a lamp, you can double its use!