Traditionally an Eternity Ring was purchased and given to a wife to symbolize love. The ring is generally stacked together with the wedding and engagement ring. It would often attribute several gemstones and diamonds running across or around the band. However, recently there has been a change in the buying of Eternity Rings. So here are some Tips To Buy Eternity Ring Online, which will be a guide. It will help a person to buy Eternity Ring Online without any stress. Today women, and men, are buying Eternity Rings Online for themselves.

Make Sure To Save These Tips In Mind Before You Buy An Eternity Ring Online

1. Anticipated Diligence

You have to research a lot when buying a diamond ring online. Check all the details about the online company.  Also, beware of the packages or deals that sound too good to be true. In these stores, every other offer might sound too perfect. However, carefully reckon the quality of the gemstone and pay attention to people’s feedback.

2. Diamond’s Shape

Eternity ring has an exquisite look that owes mainly to the diamonds circling the fingers. These diamonds have to be in the appropriate shape for this design. Round diamonds are a widespread choice for a ring. Nevertheless, the oval shape also completes the design. The type of diamond used in the Eternity Ring has to be determined according to the cutting style of an engagement ring to which it will sit close. Other options that make the eternity rings more attractive include marquise cut, emerald cut, princess cut, radiant cut, and Asscher cut.

3. Ring’s Measure

Be conscious of the ring’s size. It should suit your finger right. Understand your ring’s size and tally with the size guide or size chart given on the store’s website (every good store provides a size chart on its website).

Moreover, if you want to stack the eternity band, ensure that the size is comfortable in the stacking position. You can put on any ring from your collection to consider that and check if the size is right for you in your desired position. If you intend to wear the band above the other rings, you will need a larger band, likely by quarter or half size. Broader bands in this context are a better option.

4. Ring Shape

Notice a ring to know its shape. It may have a flat exterior or a court profile. Normal Eternity Ring has a court profile. 

The large diamonds need more metal depth. It will be a wise idea for you to choose a diamond ring with a similar width to an eternity ring.

5. Fitted /Shaped

It is vitally important to find whether the piece is fit or shape. For a better option, take the type of engagement ring into account.

6. Metal Choice

It is helpful to look at the type of metal used in an engagement ring. Even though 18ct Gold, Platinum, and Palladium eternity rings constitute the metals used in engagement rings. You could also test out other variants like bi-metal rings for more versatility.

7. Whether Fully/Partially Set

 It is valuable to be familiar with the diamond used in an engagement ring which you are planning to buy is totally or partially set.

8. Best Diamond Quality

If an eternity ring has to be worn next to an engagement ring or wedding band, the 4Cs should be similar. But the vital diamond quality element is that the diamonds in the eternity band should match, not only in clarity and color but in cut and overall formation. You want to make sure none of the diamonds are dark or too shallow, so they look out of place in the circle.


The setting plays a crucial role in the beauty of an eternity ring and is especially significant when you buy an eternity ring online. There are 3 main types of eternity ring sets:

claw setting, channel setting, and bar setting.

10. Shipping, Insurance, and Return Policy

Every store has a shipping policy and return and exchange policy. They illustrate how open the vendor is in their dealings and let the buyer know if an online purchase from that store is worth it.

A trustworthy store has a sound shipping policy that commits to delivering the product safe and sound. Some stores provide partial insurance for the purchased item, whereas some offer full insurance. 

I hope this article helps you with the tips to buy eternity ring online.