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Trey Anastasio describes himself as a multifaceted artist, musician, songwriter, and singer. Known as a famous American band Phish member, this artist is an American musician. As co-founder and acting guitarist, he played lead vocals and guitar for the band. Trey has penned numerous songs for the band, estimated to be 152 songs.

Oyster head, Surrender to the air, and Trey Anastasio Band is some of the other bands he is a member of. With 11 albums under his belt and several nominations for music awards, Anastasio has sung on 11 albums. The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed information about Trey Anastasio net worth, early life, career, and personal life.

The early life of Trey Anastasio

The birth of Ernest Joseph Trey Anastasio took place on 30th September 1964. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, he grew up in the United States. After leaving Fort Worth when he was three years old, Trey’s family moved to Princeton, New Jersey.

The names of his parents are Dina and Ernest Anastasio Jr. His father served as the executive vice-president of Educational Testing Service, while his mother edited magazines and wrote children’s books. In addition to Kristy, he was raised by his parents.

Prior to attending Princeton Day School, he attended several public schools in Princeton. His music career was also influenced by some influential people he met at Taft School. In addition to attending the University of Vermont, Trey attended Goddard College.

His goal was to earn a degree in Philosophy at the university. In addition to meeting Phish bandmates on campus, he also met their managers. Upon graduating from Goddard College in 1988, Anastasio attended Harvard University.

When Trey got into trouble with the law in 2006, he was arrested for illegally possessing drugs. In the subsequent 14 months, he paid the price for his mistake by pleading guilty. After completing all possible faces of the drug court in New York, he recovered and graduated in 2008. As a result, he dedicated the rest of his life to helping people who were addicted to drugs.

Age and physical appearance

Having been born on 30th September 1964, Trey Anastasio is 58 years old. Trey Anastasio’s height is proportional to the rest of his body measurements. The height of Trey Anastasio is 5’812″ (174 cm), and his weight is 177 pounds.

Professional life

Since the founding of Phish, they have become known for improvisation, jamming, and exploring various musical genres. A key member of the band, Anastasio has been playing guitar and singing since the group’s inception. Another important Phish album was released in 1988 on Trey’s senior project at Goddard College. This was Trey’s senior project.

After releasing their second official album, the band practiced more regularly and took themselves more seriously. A full-length album was released entitled “Junta.” They became mainstream successes and toured across the country by the 1990s.

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A significant amount of exposure was also given to them by MTV. As a result, the group disbanded in 2004. Reunion albums were released in 2009, and they reunited. During this reunion, the band began rehearsing and performing gigs together.

Trey Anastasio formed the Trey Anastasio Band in 1998. The group was still touring in 2018. Over the years, Anastasio has collaborated with a variety of artists in addition to his solo career.

Trey Anastasio’s legal issues

Trey was stopped by the police in Whitehall, Ohio, in 2006. Once he failed his sobriety test, officers searched his vehicle for heroin and other drugs, leading to a DUI charge.

In response to pleas he made at court, he was sentenced to 14 months of rehab followed by community service and was given a reduced felony drug charge. A misdemeanor charge was reduced to a felony after Anastasio successfully completed this two-year program.

Trey Anastasio net worth

Trey Anastasio, a guitarist with a net worth of $85 million, is one of the most famous guitarists in the world today. Aside from being the guitarist for the jam rock band Phish, Trey also wrote more than 150 of the band’s songs alone or in collaboration with them. In addition to being a bar member, Trey Anastasio also has a solo career.

The United States is Trey’s home country. His work with Philip Glass, in addition to writing music for Phish, has been widely recognized.

Investment in Real Estate

It was reported in 2015 that Trey was planning to list his Palisades, New York home for $2.995 million. This affluent neighborhood is in Snedens Landing, which he purchased in 2009 from actress Lorraine Bracco.

There are 2,500 acres of riverfront parkland directly adjacent to the residence, which is located on the Hudson River less than 25 minutes from Manhattan. A rocky cove on the Hudson River is home to the home, which features its private cove. A total of 3,121 square feet of living space and 2,121 square feet of bedroom space are available in the residence.

There was a report in 2018 that Anastasio was still selling the residence, and his price had dropped by $700,000 from its previous listing. Eventually, Trey accepted a nearly $2 million loss, settling on $1.83 million. Almost ten years ago, he paid nearly $1 million more for the property than it sold for at its final price. A co-op apartment in Central Park West, New York, which Trey purchased for $2.6 million in 2006, is also in his possession.

As part of his musical career, he owns and operates a professional recording and rehearsal studio in Burlington, Vermont. In 1999, Phish began recording most of their albums on this property known as “The Barn” or “The Farmhouse.” Other artists such as Bela Fleck, John Patitucci, Tony Levin, etc., have also used “The Barn” to record their albums.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Trey Anastasio and Phish still together?

Since the band’s inception, Anastasio has been one of the band’s founding members, the lead guitarist, and vocalist of Phish.

How much does Eric Clapton earn?

It is estimated that Clapton’s career has earned him enormous riches, and he has a net worth of roughly $450 million. His albums have been sold over 100 million times, making him among the best-selling musicians in history.

How do Phish fans behave?

You can expect a positive, agreeable experience when Phish performs, though the band occasionally dives into a dark jam. They were known for joking around with the crowd back in the day and are goofy guys with a passion for fantasy and sci-fi.

How much does Trey Anastasio’s guitar cost?

There is no Fender or Gibson in his collection. In reality, Anastasio’s semi-hollow guitar is custom-made by the band’s soundman, Paul Languedoc, who also occasionally makes guitars for fans for about $10,000 or less.

What is the length of Trey’s shows?

There are usually two sets and an encore at a Trey Anastasio concert. If the performance is at a festival, the rules may be different. There are usually two sets per day, each lasting around an hour and a half.

Trey Anastasio’s guitars are made by who?

Languedoc Guitars was founded by Paul Languedoc in 2006, selling handmade instruments online. Phish’s Trey Anastasio plays a hollow-body guitar similar to the one for sale. In 2009, a G4 model guitar sold for $7500, and a G2 model guitar sold for $10,000.

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