It should not be expensive to get clean windows. That is why we always offer some very favorable prices. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy shiny, clean windows, which let the light in a good way.

Window cleaning in an instant

The Vinduespudser should not be left hanging all day. Unless, of course, you have an incredible number of windows! It has to go fast, but it also has to be efficient. We do everything to optimize our processes with, among other things, professional window cleaning equipment and thorough training of our employees. Payment can also be made quickly, with us you can pay with Mobile Pay.

Get professional, high-quality window cleaning

The quality is always top notch when you hire Jacobsens Rengøring to clean your windows. Your windows are never left with streaks. You always get clear and shiny windows. As we know, your employees are happy and that contributes to your customers being greeted by a welcoming setting.

Jacobsens Rengøring is based in Copenhagen and has for a number of years been a valued partner for both private and business customers. Even though we are the local window cleaner in Copenhagen, we drive on most of North Zealand and Copenhagen. See the detailed list of the many cities we cover on “Here we polish “.

Efficient washing of windows

We WANT to be the best in the business! That is why you are always visited by a window cleaner who has experience and who has professional equipment with him on the go. We use environmentally friendly Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning products, and we do a lot to reduce our CO2 emissions with efficient planning of our daily routes.

Clean windows are a nice thing. There is nothing worse than windows with greasy fingers, bird droppings, dust and the like. However, very few people are passionate about washing their own windows – but we do in return! Our team of professional people is ready to serve when you want environmentally friendly window cleaning in good quality. We have extensive experience with window cleaning for both individuals and companies. No task is too small or large for Jacobsens Rengøring!