It should come as no surprise that as a person who adores fabrics and bedding, my concept of the ideal bed is snug, lovely, and most importantly, created to promote deep sleep. I prefer a layered bed since it has a hotel-like appearance and allows you to add or remove layers according to your body temperature. I’ll discuss how to make a gorgeous bed in easy steps, starting with a plain mattress and working our way up to those finishing decorative pillows!

1. Determine the ideal length for your bed skirt.

Start by making your bed skirt the ideal length; it should just barely touch the floor if you have a bed with a bed skirt. The secret is to tie your bed skirt to the box spring at the precise length required using upholstery twist pins. The best thing is that you won’t need to constantly adjust your bed skirt because they hold it in place even when your sheets are changed.

2. Protect your bed

Make sure to completely wrap your mattress with a Bedding N Bath mattress protector, before adding your bedding. Due to the buildup of millions of dust mites over 10 years, unprotected mattresses might potentially double in weight. Gross! The key is a waterproof mattress protector (essential with kids!) in addition to offering protection from dust mites, pollen, and other household allergens.

3. Place your flat sheet upside down

Your flat and fitted sheets will follow. White sheets have a clean, opulent aesthetic that I adore, but patterned sheets are a fun way to add color and excitement to your bed. So that you can see the lovely edge or pattern when you fold back the top foot or so of your sheet (that step is next), make your bed with the finished side of your flat sheet facing downward. 

4. Add a coverlet or quilt

Add a quilt or coverlet on top after that. Its top foot AND your flat sheet should be folded back toward the end. Put the sides of your mattress underneath.

5. Add a folded duvet or comforter on top.

The next important step is to add a duvet or cover, which will give your bed a luxurious, welcoming appearance. There are several ways for doing this. For example, you can fold the bed’s footboard in thirds.

alternatively, you could simply fold the top of the duvet and drape it over the entire foot of the bed. As a last option, you can alternate how the quilt and duvet are layered. Spread the quilt first, then the duvet, and fold both of them back one foot from the top of the bed.

6. Add pillows for sleep

Your sleeping pillows should first have zippered pillow protectors before receiving fancy pillow coverings. The pillows can be stacked while lying down or standing along the headboard of the bed.

7. Arrange decorative pillows and shams in front

Layering decorative shams and/or pillows in front of your sleeping pillows is one way to bring a lot of individuality to your space. While more vibrantly colored patterned pillows are a terrific way to make your home feel livelier, choosing a mix of neutral colors and textures creates a relaxing, sumptuous feeling. From a simple configuration of two decorative pillows measuring 24 inches each with a 20-inch decorative pillow placed in the middle between them for a queen bed.

8. Blanket

Depending on the time of year and your tastes, blankets are not required. The blanket can be folded and left at the foot of the bed or kept in a basket. Other options include placing it between the top sheet and the top layer. Your decision is yours.


Although it may seem insignificant, given how much time we spend sleeping, we believe that having a well-made bed merits more attention. How often have you had to climb into bed while navigating twisted sheets and disorganized pillows? Wouldn’t you rather feel crawling under crisp, chilly, and tightly tucked covers? You might get greater rest as a result. Please visit the Bedding N Bath store to have a look at the quality bedding.

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