Do you think that you hold the adequate will to crack the upcoming defence exam? If yes, then this blog is your one-stop destination. If you desperately want to become a protective layer of the entire country then you are preparing for the right exam. Nowadays, myriads of budding youth aim to sit on the respectful seat of the defence sector. Do you know the prime reason behind it? This is highly because of the never diminishing respect attached to this sector. 

Obtaining a secured position in this sector is a dream for most students. They prepare day and night to clear every round of the test in the defence sector. However, the exam for the defence sector is quite tough. That’s the whole point, right? If it will be easy then anyone can clear it. But the professionals in this sector require candidates filled with great passion, strength, motivation and perseverance. There are few privileges that become one of the major attractions for most of the students. If you strive to clear the NDA exam in the coming future then connecting with the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh will be the right option. 

Let’s dive deep into the ocean of privileges offered to the defence personnel


If you are scarifying your sweat and blood for the welfare of the nation then without a doubt you will surely get an assured pension. The aspiring candidates should note that since 2004, all the government jobs except the defence sector have been reformed to the contributory pension system. All the members of this splendid sector will surely enjoy their pension for the lifetime after serving for the minimum number of time. According to the code and conducts, those below the officer ranks need to serve for 15 years to become eligible for the pension. 

This becomes one of the prime reasons why most of the budding youth apply for the different exams in the defence sector. Do you really think that it’s quite easy to crack the exam of the defence sector? No right! For clearing it you need to work out of your comfort zone. Are you looking for the right platform that can help you crack the AFCAT exam? If yes, link with the AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

Defence canteens

It is one such perk that is a privilege that is famous in the entire country. The defence has a canteen store that ties up with a wide variety of manufacturers and supplies goods at the discounted rates. It is one of the beneficial aspects of the defence sector. If low rates of goods and services lure you to join this sector then what are you waiting for? Prepare with great efforts as your preparation can only help you attain entry into the defence sector.

However, the discount has reduced over the past few years but still is beneficial for the families staying in the defence sector. You will never notice any family for the defence sector purchasing essential things from outside. They usually buy things from the canteen. For example, you can get a high utility travelling bag at a 10% discount on the actual market price. So, if you also want to avail this facility then keep studying and practicing to sit on the seat of the defence sector.  

Defence Quarters 

All those who are working in the defence sector are permitted to live in the quarters made by the ruling body. This facility is something that is worth appreciating. When you enter the defence sector you can easily notice that the area is very clean and tidy. This is high because they believed in working with discipline and keeping the environment. The quarters provided by the authority are valid for one year to the havildars and for JCO’S it is for three years. The greater your rank is the more privilege you will get. If you desire to enjoy every perk then you need to get the position of officer. This position holding professional usually enjoys all types of privileges in the defence sector. 

Health insurance

All the health facilities are offered to the serving personnel and their dependents. If the family of the defence personnel have the card then they can avail the facility from anywhere in the nation. As we all know that the health sector is something that plays a vital role in the defence sector. They are often judged on physical and mental parameters.

For getting entry into the defence sector you are required to be sound on both physical and mental parameters. For all the retired personnel of the defence sector, there is an (ECHS) ex-servicemen contributory health scheme. This is usually present to provide aftercare to the servers. If you are prospering to clear the CDS exam then linking with the authentic CDS coaching in Chandigarh will be the right option. 

Wrapping up

We truly hope that the above-mentioned privileges will motivate you to try your luck in the defence sector. Read all the points in a brief manner. So, that you will get all possible information about what perks you will enjoy after joining the defence sector. 

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