Car accidents that involve long-term and serious injuries need the intervention of an attorney to attain a desirable outcome. An experienced PI attorney is often helpful in navigating through the confusing and chaotic world of injury settlements and personal injury claims post an auto accident. 

Most Tacoma Personal injury attorneys work based on contingency fees which means that the lawyer gets paid only after he successfully resolves the claim. An attorney has in-depth knowledge of the prevalent laws of the state and the best skills to negotiate a favorable outcome. 

An attorney is well-versed in the laws

Hiring a personal injury attorney after a car accident means you’ll be under the guidance of a professional who is knowledgeable about the procedural rules and relevant laws that might have an impact on your case. He will advise you of the shared fault rules in the state and how they can affect the case if your carelessness played a role in the accident. 

The attorney will also be familiar with the statute of limitations that can keep you from filing a lawsuit against the liable party. For example, in several states, you should file a lawsuit within 2 years of the accident, or else you might lose your right to notify the court about the matter. The lawyer will inform you about the special expectations of the SOL. 

A lawyer does all the paperwork in your car accident claim

After being involved in an accident, there is a lot of legwork that goes into negotiating the insurance settlement, apart from the complicated procedure of filing a PI lawsuit. Being a layman, you might not be able to carry on this time-consuming work. This is when you should surrender such tasks to the hands of an experienced lawyer to 

diminish stress and boost the chances of a favorable outcome. The lawyer is experienced in gathering evidence to support your claim, including statements of witnesses, police reports, medical bills, records, and lost wage details. 

A lawyer explains and protects your rights

Most people aren’t aware of the personal injury laws related to car accidents. Due to this, whenever there is an accident, it is natural that you’re not aware of your rights. In case you were not responsible for the car accident, you needn’t pay for damages. The laws prevalent in car accident injuries vary from one state to another. Your attorney will go through all laws applicable to your case. He will make you understand your rights and how you can protect yourself legally. Insurance companies are skilled in making you think whether or not you have little choice in the way your case progresses. 

Thankfully, most car accident cases are resolved outside court but in case you have a complicated case where it reaches trial, the lawyer will also represent you in court. Even though you file a lawsuit, it is most likely that your lawyer will reach an argument with an insurance company before the trial.