Avast is a popular security program and people often use this program on their PCs and phone devices. It provides both paid and free plans to the users. You can select any Avast antivirus plan depending on your budget and security requirements. Avast provides different plans for different OSs. These tools can secure the data from all threats. Avast antivirus also has tools to secure the network. These plans are easy to install and run. But some users still face installation errors with Avast antivirus.

Reasons behind Avast installation error

  1. The device meets some runtime error
  2. You are installing an incompatible Avast setup
  3. Junk files are interrupting the installation process
  4. Low free disk space
  5. Another security program on the device
  6. Your OS is running out-of-date

Resolving Avast antivirus installation process

Restart the PC

If you face any error while installing your Avast antivirus on your PC, restart it. A PC often gets a runtime error while installing any application. But these errors can get resolved easily by restarting the device. Go to the device and close all the running applications. Now click on Start and choose the restart button. Wait for restarting and now go to the Avast setup. Run the installation process and check for the error.

Install a compatible Avast antivirus

Avast will show installation errors when the setup is not compatible with the device. When the installation error appears on the screen, check for the resource requirements of your antivirus. Now go to the device specification to check the compatibility. If the Avast setup is not compatible, you have to get another Avast setup for the device. Cancel this Avast subscription and get your refund. Now purchase a compatible Avast setup for the device. Installation errors can appear while transferring the antivirus. If the plan is not compatible then you can’t use the setup. Also, you should go for an Avast stop auto renewal to prevent further renewal of the plan. Use that plan on any compatible device and get a new and compatible plan for your system.

Remove junk from the device

If the Avast antivirus is showing the installation error, check for the junk files on the device. Many processes can show errors due to junk files. Most of the junk files are not harmful and only accumulate space. But certain junk like temp files can interrupt your processes. Go to the device and start looking for the junk files. Open the temp folder and delete all the files. After cleaning the temp files, start looking for other junk. Check for unused or unnecessary files. Remove all those files from the PC. On your Windows device, you can clean the junk by using the junk cleaner tool. Open the run bar and type cleanmgr. Run this tool on the computer and wait. The tool will take some time to find the junk files. You will get a list of items on your desktop. Choose the files you need to remove and tap on the OK button. All the junk from the device will be removed. 

Increase free disk space

Application won’t install on the PC if the free hard-disk space is low. Check the free disk space on your computer before installing the antivirus. If the space is very less, remove all unnecessary files and programs. Delete big files like movies, games, etc. You can add an SSD to increase the space. Once you get enough space, your Avast antivirus will start installing. 

Remove another security program

Before installing your Avast antivirus setup, you should remove all other security programs from the device. Don’t use multiple security programs on the device. Before installing the Avast program, check your Apps folder for security programs. Your Avast will show an installation error when you already have another program on the device. In the Apps folder, choose other security applications and uninstall them. If you have another Avast plan or expired Avast setup; run the Avast uninstall tool. This tool will remove all Avast-related files from the device. Now restart the computer and provide a fresh Avast antivirus installation. 

Update your PC

Your OS provides regular updates to apply fix patches on the old OS. These updates are necessary for your device. If your Avast antivirus is showing an installation error then check the OS of your device. If the OS is outdated, many applications show installation and running issues. Open the Update & Security tab on the PC. Now click on the Update button and wait. Make sure your PC is connected to a secure and stable internet connection. If the new update for the OS is available, it will start installing on the device. After updating the operating system, restart the computer. Again go to Avast setup and start installing it. If Avast is still showing installation errors then ask the Avast support team for help.

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