With technological advancement, people are also getting advanced and trying their best to adopt the latest technology to make their lives easier and more presentable. So, for this, they are always searching for innovations, especially electronic devices. Therefore, in the past years, there has been noticed a change in the way of watching TV. This change is due to smart TV boxes, which prove as beneficial. People in a large proportion switch to set-top boxes for watching their favourite shows in 1000x better quality than cable.

What are set-top boxes?

TV boxes are used to receive ultra-high-definition channels without any problem related to freezing or buffering. It means a clear crystal picture. In addition, it facilitates its users with thousands of channels including movies, series, sports, and news channels. People can store their music collection in its highly- efficient internal storage. They can view their content in less than a few seconds after clicking with the help of its fast processing system. 

Moreover, in case of any busy schedule, people do not have to miss their show. Because TV boxes allow them to record it and save it. Therefore, They can watch it anytime and whenever the mood strikes or whenever they have a peaceful environment for watching it. 

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Features of a good set-top box

In this immense market competition, it is a difficult job for almost all of us especially for people who do not have much info about technical terms to get our hands on the best and affordable IPTV

boxes. Therefore, many companies offer these tiny magical content boxes but we cannot believe in everyone’s product marketing because different companies advertise those features of their boxes that are often bogus or sometimes they are not even present at all. They do so only for earning profit. In this situation, we will tell you some major features that should be present in a TV box while purchasing. 

  • It should contain an efficient internal storage capacity
  • Have a  fast processing system
  • Entertain the users with the view of the nearly invisible bezel
  • Have an ability to change the whole mood with its dynamic sound
  • It should have a recording option
  • It just comes with the friendly UI Design

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Best Brand to choose for purchasing

As we have already discussed that, many companies are in the set-top box market. However, not all of them come with a motive to serve the public. So, No doubt, profit earning is the primary objective of every organization. But it is also a moral obligation for them to provide their customers with good quality products as a return for their invested money. Only a few brands think about it. As they facilitate their customers with those aspects of their product on which they advertise themselves in the commercial market.

 According to research, many people found confused between two well-known brands i.e. digitaltribe.ae STB and Dream TV. So, they are confused about choosing which brand. For sorting out this issue, we will compare the features of flagship products of these two brands (digitaltribe.ae). Both of these brands are getting popular day by day on the behalf of their product quality. However, there is a lot of difference between the products of these two devices.

  1. Android OS
  2. Internal Storage
  3. RAM Capacity
  4. Advanced UI Design
  1. Android OS

Everything is getting under the head of technology and that’ why google developed the latest system known as Android Operating System (Android OS). So, a Linux-based mobile operating system usually runs on mobile phones and tablets. When we compare the digitaltribe.ae with  we get to know that GT-X Pro would be the best in this respect. 

digitaltribe.ae comes with the newer and updated software system i.e. Android 9.1. By having this kind of system you can enjoy the benefit of multiple keyboards for searching, Near field Communication system, and many more. However, if we see on the other side, DREAMTV Mini Ultra HD Comparison comes with the same old version of Android 9.0. It means no innovation. Therefore, GT-X Pro is the best option in this regard.

  1. Internal Storage

Everyone is busy in his or her social life. For this, they got no time to have a look at their favourite shows. In addition, the main reason for switching from local cable to Set-top boxes is that people want to watch their favourite content according to their comfort zone. It is only possible with the help of an efficient and effective internal storage capacity. 

digitaltribe.ae entertains its users with an extra efficient storage capacity of 64GB that you will never be going to get in any other reputed brand including Dream TV. We are not saying this because of rumours but we are sure because Dream TV offers only 16GB storage in its flagship product (DREAMTV Mini Ultra HD Comparison). Now, you can easily decide to choose a device if you want to make a collection of your favourite programs.

  1. RAM Capacity

Too much wait and delay might irritate the users. It usually occurs due to the less RAM capacity of a device. If you want to watch your content right after clicking, go with the TV box with sufficient RAM. Therefore, digitaltribe.ae s uniquely designed by keeping that point in mind. You can enjoy your show in 4k UHD quality without any buffering. Because it contains 4GB of RAM. This device can do a lot of tasks at a single time without freezing. On the other side, if you want to go with DREAMTV Mini Ultra HD Comparison, you can get only 2GB RAM that is extremely less in this era of technology. Usually, a device with this type of RAM restricts its users to perform a single task at a time that proves a frustrating thing sometimes.

  1. Advanced UI Design

Not everyone is familiar with all the technical terms. Therefore, Electronic devices require special knowledge. Some Android IPTV Boxes are designed very advanced but brands forget that they are going to be used by the general public. They make them so advance that users face difficulty in setting them up. However, this is not true in the case of digitaltribe.ae. Therefore, this TV box comes with the very latest yet simple User interface design. People can easily set it up in less than a few minutes. Every main key is available on the infrared remote control unit. In other words, you can enjoy your content without wasting any time.However, if you are planning to invest more money and irritation with fewer benefits, you can go with the DREAMTV Mini Ultra HD Comparison. Because they are not going to entertain you with 64GB storage capacity, 4GB RAM, Android 10.0, and best customer service like digitaltribe.ae.