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Water is one of our most important daily necessities, but it isn’t always clean. Some impurities can be harmless, but others can leach metals or other contaminants into your water. With the Water Tap Filter, you can have purified water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water or water delivery services.

You’re at home more than ever, so it makes sense your water is too. Our mount filters remove contaminants found in tap water, including bacteria and heavy metals like lead, encourage hydration, and protect the environment by reducing the need for plastic. What are the main reasons to install filters in your home? Ease of installation and increased convenience. Filters are a great way to have a water filtration system that can remove the lingering contaminants found in tap water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set standards on the amount of over 90 contaminants found in drinking water, including chemical contaminants like arsenic, lead, copper, and microbial impurities such as coliform and other harmful bacteria.

If you’re worried that your tap water is giving you cancer, you don’t have to look far. You see, the legal limit of Arsenic in your water varies from state to state. In most places, it’s 10 parts per billion. However, some states have it as high as 50 – which is ten times higher than the legal limit. Make sure that your family doesn’t have this risk by using our water filtration device. A water tap filter that assures your tap water is always safe and healthy to drink. The advanced process of purification first filters out dirt, rust, and solid sediments found in tap water. The filtration system then removes smaller particles through an activated carbon filter, including radon, hydrogen sulfide, and other impurities found in tap water to remove any unpleasant odors and tastes.

Protect your family from the buildup of contaminants like bacteria, heavy metals, and viruses by switching to filters. Our advanced reverse osmosis system removes any remaining contaminants and dissolved solids, leaving you with clean, pure water — five times more efficient than anything else on the market. All filters last for up to six months and can be easily switched out once they’re due for replacement. The water tap filter is designed to follow the requirements set forth by the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule. With five stages of filtration, this water filter will reduce even more contaminants from your water supply, including lead, cysts, scale, and organic matter.

Treat your taste buds to some naturally clean H2O. Water’s new water tap filter really makes drinking daily water fun and easy, giving you a crisp, refreshing taste from every gallon. As a fresh alternative to bottled water, Water is the first and only direct-to-consumer coconut carbon filter on the market. Water is an essential part of your daily routine, whether it’s from the water cooler at work, or from the tap. With more people working from home and kids remote learning, staying hydrated is becoming more important than ever. But do you have a great-tasting, ready-to-go solution already in place? Quality H 2 O provides a better-tasting option than your tap allowing everyone to drink more water throughout the day versus caffeinated or sugary drinks that aren’t beneficial to your health.

Water filtration systems aren’t always easy to understand. Many think first of distillation, due to its popularity in water purifiers. Distillation utilizes a process involving boiled water, which is then filtered through a thick membrane. Reverse osmosis, however, is a much more popular and effective system for filtering tap water in your home. Water’s seven-step process starts with advanced osmosis. This step, one of the three initial purification stages that make up the first half of the process, removes bacteria, lead, viruses, heavy metals, and other dissolved solids from tap water. It differs from regular reverse osmosis because it also adds back essential minerals and electrolytes stripped out during this process to replenish the valuable part of tap water and leave out the bad.

Water distillation is a process that can remove many of the contaminants found in water, including bacteria and viruses. It also removes valuable minerals and elements like sodium and magnesium found in tap water without replenishing the water. This process also leaves a final product with no taste, less flavor, and little to no physical benefits. With its five-stage micron carbon block filter process, this filter is capable of eliminating a wide array of contaminants that regularly make their way into your water. Additionally, it reduces TDS level in water frequently found in tap water. Plus, it provides two times the flow rate of a typical water filter.

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