Yaya Mayweather

She is a daughter of famous American boxer whose name is Floyd Mayweather. She was born in the month of May (2000). Her nick name is yaya.


Yaya Mayweather is a 16 year old American pop singer. Iyanna Mayweather, also known as Yaya Mayweather, is the daughter of professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. She was born May, 2000 in California and has two brothers named Koraun and Zion. She is known for her song ‘Oh Okay Remix’ released in October 2018. The music video of the song has received over 8 Million views on YouTube. In addition, she also performed at the Kids Choice Awards in March 2019 where she sang and danced to her hit single ‘Oh Okay’.

Mayweather is best known for her high-profile relationships. Back in 2014, she began dating rapper Lil Wayne but the two later broke up. In 2016, she began dating Youngboy (formerly known as NBA YoungBoy) and the couple had a child together in 2017. However, their relationship turned sour and ended earlier this year after Mayweather discovered that Youngboy was cheating on her.

Early age                        

Born on May 20th, 2000, in Nevada, Las Vegas, Yaya Mayweather is a 21-year-old Taurus. Mayweather has garnered a large following on social media and has been nicknamed the “next big thing” in boxing. As she continues to rise through the ranks of her sport, it will be interesting to see what other accomplishments Mayweather achieves in her young career. With her passion and dedication to boxing, there is no doubt that she will continue to make her mark in the world of sports.

Case on yaya mayweather

It was recently reported that Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, is facing up to 20 years in prison after allegedly stabbing a woman the year prior. This news has shocked many, as it’s unclear what may have led to the altercation.

The victim, Lapattra Lashai Jocaobs, is the mother of one of NBA YoungBoy’s children. It’s unknown whether or not there was any sort of history between Jocaobs and Yaya Mayweather, but whatever the case may be, this appears to be a very serious situation. Yaya Mayweather has yet to make any public statements regarding the allegations, and it’s unclear what her legal team plans to do next. Her father has remained silent on the matter as well.

Mayweather personal issues

Back in 2014, Mayweather dated rapper Lil Wayne, but later broke up with him. In 2016, she began dating Youngboy and the couple had a child together in 2017. However, their relationship turned sour and ended earlier this year after Mayweather discovered that Youngboy was cheating on her. Since then, Mayweather has been very vocal about not wanting to be associated with Youngboy anymore due to his issues with drugs and legal problems.

He also went on to clear up his relationship with Mayweather and why they broke up so suddenly back in February of this year after dating for 18 months. He explained that she was too controlling of their relationship so he finally had enough of it and ended things between them.

Why yaya is popular?

Yaya Mayweather is the daughter of American boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his ex-girlfriend Mel Brim, who was also an American model. She was born on May 20, 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada. After her parents split up when she was young, Yaya lived with her mother until she turned eight years old; at this point, she moved to live with her father.

Study of Yaya

Yaya studied at home for elementary school but attended the Kyrene de la Paloma middle school for seventh grade through ninth grade. However, some time after that period, she decided to take a break from schooling as far as public education is concerned. This being said it is entirely possible that she has some sort of degree or qualifications from an unknown institution.

Gifts of Yaya

In addition to being the daughter of a world-renowned boxer, Yaya is also known for her extravagant gifts which she has received on her birthdays so far.

  • In 2012, when she was just twelve years old, her father bought her a $50,000 white Ferrari 458 Italia Spider.
  • The following year, for her thirteenth birthday, Mayweather spent $100,000 on a diamond-encrusted watch for his daughter.
  • For her fifteenth birthday in 2015, he purchased a $200,000 black Maybach 62S and then.
  • In 2017 when she turned seventeen, he got her another $250,000 watch.
  • Most recently, on May 20th 2020 (her twentieth birthday), Mayweather dropped an insane $1,000,000 on a diamond-encrusted necklace for his daughter.

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Lifestyle of Yaya

Many people might wonder what kind of lifestyle Yaya lives given her father’s wealth. Well, she has her own business; a boutique in Las Vegas which she opened in 2017. Judging by the prices of the clothing and accessories sold there, it seems as though Mayweather doesn’t mind spending money on her daughter.

All things considered, Yaya Mayweather is definitely one of the richest kids in the world, and with a father like Floyd Mayweather Jr., it’s no surprise. As the daughter of American boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr., Yaya Mayweather has always been surrounded by luxury and excess. Born on May 20th 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, she spent her childhood living with her mother before moving in with her father at the age of eight.

‘Oh Okay Remix’

Critics have been divided by both her singing and rapping abilities in the song. They compared it with other famous singers such as Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus. However, they agreed that Yaya’s outfit was much more unique than usual costumes featured by other pop stars. Some Youtube viewers also complimented her dancing skills and video production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yaya is famous because of her father?

Yes, she is famous because of her father. She is a richest child.

Did yaya get fame by herself?

Yes, off course she also got fame by herself. She is a famous pop singer.