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1# Facebook

Account name: facebook

Followers: 214 million

Specialization: Face book servers

Country:  USA

Total like: 210 million

Page created:  2007

There are various ways to get on Facebook. We can share images with friends and family, as well as movies of all kinds. In the public states, we can also exchange personal messages and upload text in 9anime app.

2 # samsung

Account name: Samsung US

Followers: 160.2 million

Social site: electronics

Country: South corea

Total like: 160.7 million

Page created: 2010

Samsung’s Facebook page features a wide range of information. They usually include business information, new items, new releases, and special offers.

3 # Cristiano Ronaldo

The Account name: @critiano

Followers: 148 million

Special area: Portugal

Total likes: 124 million

Page created: 2009

Cristiano makes a good use social media profiles. Parts of his private and public lives are displayed there. He shares images of his daily life on his personal Face book page.


Account name: @China GlobalTVNetwork

Followers: 116 million

Special area: News

Country: China

Total like: 116 million

Page created: 2013

The Chinese Global Tv Station, or CGTN, is now under the direction of the Communist Party of China’s Publicity Department.

5# Real Madrid C.F

Account Name: @ RealMadrid

Followers: 110 million

Special area: Football club

Country: Spain

Total likes: 111 million

Page created: 2007

Real Madrid Club de Ftbol is among the most prestigious football clubs in the world. It is located in the Spanish city of Madrid. They’ve been performing for almost 116 years.

6 # Shakira

Account : @shakira

Followers: 111 million

Special site: singer

Country: Colombia

Total like: 100 million

Page creation: 2007

Shakira is a Colombian singer in North America. She started singing in Spanish, but she did not have much success at first. She displays both her private and public lives on her Facebook page. Photographs from charitable events and photos with her dad are two examples.

7# Tasty: Expect Delicious food

Account name: @buzzfeedtasty

Followers: 105 million

Special area: food

Country: USA

Total likes: 97 million

Page created: 2015

They also exchange recipes from throughout the world. Their videos are usually brief and lack a voiceover. They may also write a blog post to accompany the video they have released. Some of the most popular posts are variations on the same theme.

8# Coca -Cola

Account name: @CocaCola

Followers: 105.3 million

Special area: Soft drink and food

Country: USA

Total likes: 105.5 million

Page created: 2015

Coca-Cola is among the most well-known corporations on the planet. It began in Georgia in 1886. To answer the social movement against alcohol intake, the drink had first been advertised as “Coca-Cola: The Temperance Drink.” People are also informed of new items, special offers, and event details via social networks.

9# Mr.Bean

Account name: @Mrbean

Followers: 112 million

Special area: comedy

Country: England

Total likes: 86 million

Page created: 2008

Mr. Bean is a British comedy featuring Rowan Johnson as the title character. Atkinson’s character gets up to all kinds of trouble and hilarious antics throughout the series. Physical humor, such as excessive motions and facial expressions, elicits audience laughter. His stuffed toy and mini 1,000 Mark 4 are two of his show’s most recognizable elements.

10 # will smith

Account name: @Willsmith

Followers: 105 million

Special area: Actor

Country: USA

Total task: 96 million

Page created:  2008

Will Smith was born in the year 1968 in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania He was educated as a Christian and had 3 brothers. One of them would be his senior, and the other two were his juniors. This actor uses social media to interact among his followers on a routine basis weeks in a year.