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We wear shoes to work, to school, and when we go out. They protect our feet from harsh weather conditions but they can also be one of the dirtiest things we own. Not only do they come into contact with the ground, which is covered in all sorts of dirt and germs, but they also hold on to moisture and bacteria from our feet. The average person owns around 18 pairs of shoes. How many of those pairs do you think actually get washed on a regular basis? If you guessed not many, you’re right. Why? Well, a lot of people think that shoes can’t be washed because they’ll get ruined. That’s actually not the case at all. No one ever really bothered to teach us how to properly wash our shoes. As a result, we often make common mistakes that can damage them. There are a couple of schools of thought on how to best wash shoes. Some people advise gentle soap and a toothbrush, others dunk their shoes in the bathtub and some just give them a quick rinse under the faucet. 

When it comes to washing shoes, there are a lot of myths and old tales out there. People seem to think that if they just wear their shoes often enough, they will eventually clean themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not true. In reality, if you want your shoes to look good and last long, you need to clean them on a regular basis. The good news is that cleaning your shoes is fairly easy, even if you don’t have any special equipment. FashionSavior offers a wide range of footwear and shoe cleaning products on their website at discounted prices. In this article, we will outline the best way to wash shoes using natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

The Ultimate Guide To Wash Shoes Without Any Damage:

Step 1:

Remove the laces and insoles as You will wash your shoes, laces, and insoles separately. This way it will cut down on the drying time later. Sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda on your shoes and leave it overnight. 

Step 2:

Wipe off excess debris and mud from your shoes with a brush cleaner, or an old toothbrush. put shoes inside a pillow cover and pin the opening of the pillowcase half-shut with about 3 to 4 safety pins, so water can still flow in and out. Or put them in a wash bag to prevent them from getting tangled and place them in the washing machine.

Step 3:

Place the pillowcase inside the washing machine along with two to four towels. The towels will help to balance the load and prevent your shoes from loudly slamming against the inside of the washing machine and will prevent from damaging the washing machine as well.

Step 4:

add liquid detergent, as Powder detergent can get stuck in your shoes.  You can also add some vinegar to remove odors and some pine oil to disinfect the shoes. run your washing machine on a cold delicate cycle, slow or no spin, and no tumble drying.

Step 5: 

Putting them in the dryer is not advisable as the heat may warp them or damage the glue that keeps them together.

By following these simple instructions, you can keep your shoes looking new for longer. Shoe lovers know that proper cleaning and maintenance of your shoes are key to keeping them looking their best. Shop with OffOnShoes to get the best shoe cleaning kit. 

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