As of the middle of the year 2021, the government of the United Kingdom will let vaccinated Britons to go to Spain, more especially to the Canary Islands, for vacations. These trips had previously been prohibited because of the Covid-19 epidemic

In spite of this relaxation, London has continued to make use of an epidemiological traffic light. This traffic light is used to measure the danger of coronavirus in various nations. In point of fact, in order to enter the UK, those who have travelled to nations that have not been given the green light must first go through a period of quarantine and then be subjected to a series of medical exams and tests designed to rule out the possibility of infection.

Thankfully, it is now feasible to travel to the Canary Islands from the United Kingdom in a secure manner. You may find beaches that are both paradisiacal and volcanic there, beaches with black sand and waters that are crystal clear, as well as spots that are both distinctive and stunning. It is without a doubt an endearing location that features welcoming locals and a perfect environment throughout the whole year, making it a place that you will want to go back to again and again.

The following is a list of our most important recommendations for planning a vacation to the Canary Islands from the United Kingdom so that you have an experience that you will never forget:

Make sure you buy your ticket in advance for travel.

Keep in mind that if you are flying to the Canary Islands, you will have to decide which airport to fly into on Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, or Lanzarote depending on which island you want to visit first. This will be the case regardless of which island you choose to visit first.

Make sure you have adequate travel insurance.

Or, if you have health insurance, be sure that it covers expenditures in the event of any catastrophe that occurs at your destination, in this example the Canary Islands, so that your financial situation is not negatively impacted in any way.

Confirm that the necessary documentation is in order and take care of it.

You need to make sure that your paperwork is properly legitimate before the event, so give yourself plenty of time to do so. On the other hand, you should snap pictures of your passport and save them in a safe place in the cloud in the event that it is misplaced or stolen. This will allow you to access the information on any device. In addition, if you want an extra layer of protection for your passport, you should carry it in a pouch that is linked to your body. Read more

Determine which of the islands you wish to Travel and select it.

Each of the Canary Islands is home to its own set of one-of-a-kind destinations that are sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Among the most popular are Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera. There are many different boats and ferries available for you to choose from in the event that you decide during your stay that you would want to travel to some of the other islands.

Make your reservation at the establishment.

When it comes to finding somewhere to sleep, you have a lot of different alternatives available to you. Depending on the size of your wallet, you may choose from a variety of lodging options, including hotels, apartments, hostels, and resorts. For example, the Lopesan group offers a broad selection of resorts on the majority of the islands. These resorts have outstanding services, comfort, and elegance, as well as swimming pools, breathtaking sea views, and a variety of activities and attractions suitable for guests of all ages. Read more

Pack your baggage

Take into mind the temperatures on the islands, which range between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius, and ensure that you pack clothing that is appropriate for the environment, meaning that it is breathable, comfortable, and cool, as well as beachwear that is lightweight. Include a pair of comfortable walking shoes, shoes that are flexible, and a sturdy rucksack in your sports gear if you intend to participate in any kind of physical activity.

Remember that the temperature drops significantly in the afternoon, so pack some warm clothes in case you end up needing them. On the other hand, you shouldn’t leave home without your sunglasses and a hat.

If you wish to practise with a sports company, make sure to hire them in plenty of time.

The Canary Islands are home to a wide variety of climates, making them an ideal location for a wide variety of sporting activities.

Canyoning, skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing, and scuba diving are just some of the extreme sports that can be found offered by the several businesses that can be found on the islands. These businesses also give their customers with expert guidance and services. Therefore, if you are considering participating in any of these activities, you should employ one of these businesses in advance.

Once you have chosen your destination, do some research on the eateries that are located there.

In this area, there are a great number of restaurants where you can indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, including regional specialties like mojo picón, as well as dishes that have been influenced by South American and African cuisines.

You will also be able to locate a variety of restaurants in the hotels and resorts, each serving mouthwatering meals for you to enjoy.

Confirm that the company with which you have a contract provides you with enough telephone coverage.

Be sure to research the fees associated with roaming and adhere to the operator’s instructions to the letter to steer clear of any unpleasant surprises when you get your bill.

If your itinerary does not include travel to a country that is not part of the EU, we strongly suggest that you get a local SIM card that is compatible with your phone well in advance, preferably online.

Take it easy and try to enjoy the ride.

At long last, kick back, relax, and get ready to experience a vacation in the Canary Islands that will live long in the memory, owing to the warmth and friendliness of the locals, the beauty of the landscapes, and the wealth of amazing things to see and do.

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