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Andaman is a place where beauty in true sense really mesmerises.It is not only blessed with drop-dead gorgeous beaches but is also a major pride of India in terms of biodiversity. Tourists from all over the world love to visit this ecological paradise.For some it is a place where one can witness the splendid beauty of nature And may seek comfort,for some it is a treasure trove of thrilling adventures.For some it is an inspiration to create wonderful art,for some it is a place to cherish the moments of being together.

Whatever be the beauty, Andaman has been attracting different types of tourists to it for centuries. People never get bored here. Stunning wildlife sanctuaries and national parks,awesome beaches,museums and primitive forests and mangrove forests make sightseeing in Andaman so interesting and fascinating. Andaman is a place worth visiting for a truly memorable vacation.


Havelock Dweep or Swaraj Dweep is the most popular island of Andaman.It is a wonderful paradise of white beaches,lush green forests, amazing aquatic life and beautiful coral reefs. It has three awesome beaches Radhanagar Beach, Vijayanagar Beach and Elephant Beach.Surrounding the stunning blue waters of the Andaman Sea,less crowded,lush tropical greenery-It is a perfect scene that you can only imagine in your dreams or see in movies. If you are looking for a secluded place with an abundance of beauty and serenity,then you must visit Havelock Island for a relaxing beach holiday in Andaman.

Barren island- secluded and unique tourist attraction:-

Did you know that Barren Island has the only active volcano in India? Situated in the active tectonic plates in the Andaman Sea, Barren Island is one of the most unique tourist attractions you can ever visit. No one is allowed to visit this island;It can only be seen from afar.The last volcano erupted here around 1994-95.From your ship you will have a breathtaking view of a smoking volcano. Uninhabited by humans as the name suggests,this place will enrich your travel experience on a different level.You will also need a Visiting Permit from the Forest Department.

Cellular jail – the dark and bright kalapani:-

A historic trip to the land of beautiful beaches isn’t a bad idea,is it?Cellular Jail is one of the best tourist places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a place where the dark past of the Indian freedom struggle and the first war of independence comes alive.Known as ‘Kalapani’,it was constructed by the British in 1906 to torture and deport Indian freedom fighters.It was constructed for the purpose of solitary confinement to keep only one person in each cell so that the prisoners are not able to communicate with each other.It is one of the most important historical sites and popular tourist attractions to visit in Andaman.Because it displays the dark period of Indian history and the life of Indian freedom fighters.

Chidiya tapu – bucket full of serenity and picturesque vistas:-

If you are planning to visit Andaman Islands,then you must include Chidiya Tapu in your list of top places to visit in Andaman.Why?Because if you don’t do this you will miss out on the most beautiful place to soothe your eyes and captivate your senses.Chidiya Tappu is a carpet of lush greenery all around as it is surrounded by enchanting mangrove forests.Several species of migratory birds and a wealth of exotic flowers and fauna make this place the best place for wildlife enthusiasts. Apart from this,you will also witness wonderful sunset views,delightful trekking trails and amazing picnic games- is it a soulful family affair?Don’t have an amazing travel destination for vacation?

Ross island – beauty in ruins:-

Ross Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Andaman.This place has an amazing history.It is very popular for the ruins of British and Japanese buildings.This small magical island used to be the capital of the British from 1858 to 1941 but the Japanese captured it and turned it into a POW site.Once developed into a very powerful capital for the British,today you can only see the remains of that time.In the form of church ruins, cathedral, British cemetery, swimming pool, printing press and chief commissioner’s house etc.A place unlike any usual tourist destination,Ross Island will take you back to the British times.If you are interested in exploring something unique then you must visit Ross Island for a unique travel experience in Andaman.

Wandoor beach – relax and revive your toil-weary soul:-

Wandoor Beach is a major tourist attraction for beach lovers in Andaman.For those who are planning a beach holiday on very calm and serene beaches,Vandoor Beach is one of them.It is less crowded.The white sandy beaches, gorgeous coastline, serene ambience and forests all around will rejuvenate your soul from the chaos of the city.You will find a lot of shops for snacks and souvenirs that will make your day the happiest.This beach is perfect for a family vacation in Andaman.

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