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Getting your marketing video viral can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one side, a viral video successfully reaps tons of eyeballs to know a product. It is, in fact, a dream of every modern marketer. However, what awaits on the other side is way more challenging.

What makes a video categorized to be viral? According to many experts, a video is categorized viral if it reaches over 5 million views within a 5-7 day period. Going viral also means your video gets liked, commented on, reposted, and viewed by a mass of people. Simply, it becomes the talk across cyberspace.

On the other side, many marketers don’t completely agree that viral video is a great strategy to boost marketing. There are several reasons which correspond to that, so here are 54 reasons why viral video isn’t always what you want for video marketing.

Less Actual Value

Product value becomes the main priority when creating content for marketing. There are two types of value, which are shock value and actual value. Viral video corresponds to shock value, where it reaches a mass of people, disregarding specific or targeted audiences.

There is no guarantee that viral video significantly increases sales. Even if it is, the aftereffect of viral video doesn’t last long. The majority of people who watched a viral video are most likely to forget it over a short period.

Contradictorily, minding more of the actual value gives more benefits even though it doesn’t go viral. A commercial video that highlights and offers problem-solving will be delivered to the right person. It may take time, but it is worth the wait.

In comparison, having thousands of people watch your video in a year is more valuable than having millions of views instantly but then forgotten by the end of the week.

Quantity over Quality

Coming up with “quantity over quality” is not a good strategy for marketing. In this context, is a mass of people any better than a set of eyeballs in front of you?

When focusing too much on getting viral, you might miss your targeted audiences. You just deliver your product to anybody. Whereas the ones that will do the purchase are those who need a genuine explanation of a product.

To conclude, planning on how to create an engaging video that highlights your product is more important rather than creating scenarios to make it viral.

Less Information

Since viral video is intended to immerse as many people as possible across cyberspace, it lacks information. You might have a good laugh and cry while watching it, but do you get the essential information?

Viral videos – in most cases put more entertainment rather than educational messages in their content. This way, the core message is delivered inefficiently. Meanwhile, it is the total opposite for the majority of corporate videos.

However, a marketing video works best if it delivers the information with a little bit of fun. Therefore, a good marketer knows how to balance out entertainment and educational aspects.

Unnecessary Stress

Attempting to make a video go viral can be a serious pain in the neck. It takes longer to brainwash the concept and plan for the execution. While at the same time, that effort doesn’t guarantee your video to be viral, which leads to more pressure and stress.

Rather than focusing too much on being viral, put more effort into making a genuinely useful video that highlights problem-solving with a little bit of fun.  


Having an idea to make marketing videos viral is not completely wrong. However, focusing too much on that can lead to ineffective communication. It is best to offer a problem-solving context to reach your target audience.

Last bit of recommendation, create an engaging storyline to spice up your marketing video to avoid boring and monotonous content. Here are some recommendations for the best video marketing tool.


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