If you hire Seattle wedding photographers for your big day, invite them to the rehearsal dinner. Although inviting photographers isn’t mandatory, it is extremely helpful for them and for you. Here are six reasons why:

1. Meet Family and Friends

A rehearsal dinner is the best time for your photographer to meet the important people in your life that will be at the wedding. Your family members, friends, and bridal party will have a chance to interact with the photographer. Such interactions create a more genuine and comfortable experience on the wedding day. Having a photographer who can remember important guests by name can also be handy during the chaos of the wedding day.

2. Scope Out the Venue

The wedding rehearsal dinner is a time for the photographer to scope out the venue. Wedding photographers can identify the best locations for specific shots and determine if additional equipment and lighting are necessary. Photographers are more comfortable in places they’ve been to before. Inviting them to the rehearsal dinner can help them familiarize themselves with the locations, theme, and other aspects.

3. Learn Family Dynamics

The rehearsal dinner brings family members together. Wedding photographers can use this time to gauge family dynamics, which can then hopefully help them avoid tension on the big day. If some members do not want to be photographed together, the photographer should be able to get that information during the rehearsal. The bride and groom should help their photographer learn existing dynamics beforehand. 

4. Communicate Wedding Details

You may have discussed everything with the photographer, but a rehearsal dinner allows you to communicate the small details once more. Wedding ceremonies are unique and customized. Everything from the theme and music to family traditions is personalized. A rehearsal dinner lets the photographer capture such aspects and prepare for the big day. The wedding photographer can familiarize themselves with the format to make the event unique.

5. Capture the Moment 

Although the wedding rehearsal dinner isn’t the main event, it’s still an important night that will be filled with laughs, memories, and love. Inviting a photographer to such an event is a great way to capture the moments leading up to your wedding. Rehearsal dinners feature family members, friends, and others who come to help you celebrate. You can capture some special moments you’ll reflect on for years. All moments surrounding your wedding deserve to be captured.

6. Professional Tips and Insights

Wedding photographers are experts at capturing beloved moments. If you’re working with an experienced photographer, you can use their knowledge to make sure your story is captured as desired.

Having a photography professional during the rehearsal dinner can help the photographer clarify exactly what you want when it comes to pictures and videos. 

Hiring Seattle Wedding Photographers

If you’re looking for local Seattle wedding photographers, find professionals with lots of experience. Ask for a wedding photography portfolio to determine if you like their style.

Once you find a photographer, invite them to attend the rehearsal dinner. Doing so will give them the chance to get to know the wedding party and the venue. It will also allow them to capture the priceless memories of that day.