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Can you ever imagine your celebration getting completed without a cake? A delicious cake is significant for your celebration. But nowadays people want to add some different and unique cake in their party to make the ceremony more beautiful. They search for the best cake shop from where they can get the best cake for their anniversary. 

But do you know guys nowadays a very different type of cake is available at the online store that you can choose according to your desire? Yes, many online stores offer you different flavors and designs of cakes that will surely make your celebration more beautiful. 

If you are confused about which cake is perfect for your special event, then you can read this article. Here we are discussing with you the most popular cakes that will surely enhance the beauty of your celebration.

Chocolate Flower Cake

Flowers don’t need a festive occasion. Why not put it in cakes? And what could be better than a cake with a lush chocolate flower? There are different types of chocolate flower cake on which delicate fondant flowers are added to the top of the cake. If you’re a chocolate lover, choose these birthday cakes for your special celebration. You also send flowers to Australia along with this pretty chocolate floral cake to amaze your dear ones on their special day.

Flamingo Cake

The flamingo animal represents the meaning of elegance, beauty, and grace. It is also famous for its unique color and grace. Flamingo cake has become an instant fashion icon. The long legs and rosy feathers make them look stunning. So imagine a flamingo fondant cake enhancing your wedding celebration’s center table. 

Pirate Skull Cake

The second on the list is one of the most unique and fanciest cakes of all time! A pirate skull cake is a triple dessert threat, and if you’re looking for a birthday cake showstopper to wow your guests, this is just what you need! Skull cakes are commonly used in Halloween parties, but for your birthday party, a boozy chocolate skull cake can be a great centerpiece! So imagine, there’s a mysterious skull wrapped in a thin layer of white chocolate icing and how cool it will look when you will do the cake cutting, the melting chocolate coming from inside will make the guests awestruck.

Sandwich Cake

It’s not going to taste like a sandwich, but it’s going to look exactly the same as a sandwich, and it’s also possible. This cake is made with fondant icing as it is known for creating great designs because it is made from the thick layer that can be shaped into any form, size and can also hold the entire cake from the foundation. You can also order cake online and send it to your loved ones on their special day. 

Beer Bucket Cake

It is the best cake to delight your dear ones who have been a huge beer fan over there. Each cake has to be designed carefully so that every single detail is listed. It is because it will judge creativity and innovation of the cakes based on its unique and specific design details. There is a bucket full of ice in this cake, and the beer bottles are placed in between buckets.

Watermelon Cake

A watermelon cake is one of the most popular cakes you can ever include in a birthday celebration because the name sounds. If you are looking to have a quirky birthday celebration, this is the go-to birthday cake. Treat your guests to a warm, spongy watermelon cake. If you want to make your birthday party look more attractive, you will have an on-trend watermelon theme party. 

Hanging Designer Cake

The cake is hanging with the help of a rope. Mostly, this type of cake is used at weddings because you want a layered cake in different styles for hanging cakes, and this is the unique way your guests love it. This Hanging Designer cake is a little tricky to make because this cake’s base has to be on top, and the top layer has to be in its base to give it a designer cake-look. Many online cake shops also provide  you online cake delivery in Australia with their best service. So, if your loved ones live in the USA you can send them this unique and designer cake and make them feel super happy.

These are the most famous and designer cakes that are perfect for all occasions, and you can also deliver these cakes to your dear ones and surprise them on their special day.

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