The area outside of Bangalore has several hiking trails that offer adventure lovers a variety of hiking opportunities, rock climbing, and sharpening their photography skills. One of the best hiking trails is Uttari Betta from Bangalore exploring a lush green landscape with spectacular views like the Western Ghats. Uttari Betta, a blocked hill, also known as Hutridurga, is located southeast of Kunigal, 3708 feet high, making it one of the most famous hiking trails in Karnataka. A five-mile [5 km] trek to the thriving countryside, the crash of centuries-old castles, lakes, peaks, and much more. 

Kempegowda built the Hutridurga in the sixteenth century. Originally, the Huthridurga Fort was the Tipu Sultan’s military fortress against the British, conquered by them in 1791. It is considered a seven-tiered castle and is considered one of the nine “Durgas’ ‘ (sloping slopes) around it. Bangalore (“Nava Durgas”). When you reach its summit, you will find the Sankareswaran sanctuary near the Nandi seal, which dates to about 1260 A.D .; this national emblem is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You will also find the Anjaneya sanctuary, on the way up.

What This Tour Has to Offer You 

This tour offers travelers wonderful vistas recorded in their minds for the rest of their lives. Not only is this trip a super ace for good ideas; however, but it also impresses you with its remarkable dividing towers and amazing stone steps. An interesting confirmation is that this slope pole is said to have eight corridors from the base to the top and a few external entrances. The conference conveys a broad perspective on the scene considering a large number of slopes. One can also see a variety of insects, birds, and mammals, including bears, leopards, and wild boars.

Hiking Day

This hiking day is perfect for beginners, showing nature as much as you can as you walk up the mountain to the summit. The trek continues to a small forest cave in a grassy area at the top of a hill and is surrounded by grey boulders. Eat your full lunch, take in natural beauty and head back to the base area.



HIKE DISTANCE: 5 km in total


11:00 PM: Download starts in Bangalore from different selected locations.

02:30 AM: Reach the base of Uttari Betta and be comfortable sometime.

03:00 AM: Start the journey to reach the top of Uttari Betta.

04:30 AM: Reach the top of Uttari Betta and relax on the fire and enjoy the sunrise.

07:00 AM: After sunrise, go down to the base.

07:30 AM: Stand on the road to relax and have breakfast

11:00 AM: Arrive in Bangalore and complete this amazing journey.

Information on Uttari Betta Trekking

First place: 

Kunigal, Tumakura district, Karnataka

The Uttari Betta Trek gradient is Easy to Measure. Uttari Betta is a continuous climber with climbing segments also in the rocky terrain.

The average trekking time of Uttari Betta is about 2-3 hrs.

Uttari Betta Trekking Distance 5 km (top and bottom)

Food and Water Resources – A person should carry at least two liters of water before starting a trip. Please bring a light snack to get some energy during the trip.

Which are the best months to visit Uttari Betta?

The best months are July to February as, during the rainy season, one will be able to see the greenery and experience walking through the clouds. During the winter months, the atmosphere is pleasant and cool. The best time to visit this trek is during the summers because of the beautiful cloud formation which avoids the summer heat during the daytime. 

Conclusion: –

Bangalore is surrounded by many beautiful hills and rolling hills waiting to be seen. If you are looking to test them one by one, you should add this to your bucket list. Uttari betta is a fortified hilltop which is also called Chitradurga in the kunigal taluk, & is a well-known trekking spot. This popular Karnataka hiking trail is a five-mile [5 km] trek that treats travelers with spectacular views that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Not only is this journey a masterpiece of magnificent views, but it also delights in the history of castle walls, and intricate stone steps. An interesting fact is that this hill fort is said to have eight gates from the foot to the top above several other outer gates. What is waiting for the top? The trek summit brings the Shankeshwar temple where one gets a broad view of a place full of hills.