The law in UAE does not allow you to use birth control pills for abortions. There are many reasons to abort your unborn child, including the danger to the mother and the health of the child. For example, taking a birth control pill can lead to premature uterine rupture after the eighth week of Abortion Pills in UAE, and the baby could suffer from developmental problems or Down’s syndrome. The use of birth control pills can also lead to excessive bleeding and cramps.

Abortion services

The recent restrictions on travel to the UAE have prevented some women from accessing abortion services. However, some doctors in the UAE offer manual abortion pills available in dubai at high fees. It is important to note that assisting in an abortion is an offence, punishable by seven years in prison. However, women are not restricted to using ‘abortion pills’ purchased from private clinics. Prices on the black market for such pills can easily reach AED 5000 and PS1,100. In the United Arab Emirates, the market price for mifepristone and misoprostol tablets is around AED 160, which is less than AED35 in other European and Asian countries.

Mifepristone is an abortion pill that can be safely used in UAE. It works by blocking the hormone progesterone which is essential for pregnancy. Moreover, the pill hinders the production of progesterone by the body. Therefore, a woman can choose mifepristone as an abortion pill in UAE. For women with an unplanned pregnancy, the best pill is Mifepristone 200mcg, which is known as the safest.


Among other factors, safety is the primary concern when considering the use of Misoprostol as an abortion pills in UAE. This pill has been approved by the UAE government as an option for women who are seventy-one days past their last menstrual cycle, and it is usually effective in ninety-four to ninety-six percent of cases. If a woman is unsure whether the pill is safe and effective, she can visit her doctor.

The procedure can take a few hours. Usually, two pills are given two days apart, one to be taken at home and one to be taken in the health center. The pregnancy is over within 24 hours after the abortion pills have been given. After the procedure, women are often left with mixed feelings. During the procedure, a woman may experience any of the following: no or little bleeding, mild to moderate, intermittent or painful spotting, breast tenderness and nausea. In most cases, they can expect to recover from the process within a week.

Abortion Pills in UAE


Using abortion pills in the UAE can be a risky business. Some women ask for help from online forums. Suppliers respond with phone numbers and email addresses and sell pills with different ingredients. Some suppliers offer two types of pills – mifepristone and misoprostol – but the price is still considerably high, compared to the prices in many other countries, including the United States. Using abortion pills raises separate medical, legal, and service issues.

Legally, the UAE has legal restrictions against abortion except for cases where the baby’s life is at risk. Although abortion is not permitted unless it is a life-saving procedure, many women still choose to abort their unborn babies to avoid harsh punishment. For these reasons, many women choose abortion pills to carry out the procedure without the worry of legal consequences. And, if they have been married for at least a year, taking these pills will help them avoid the stigma that comes with an unplanned pregnancy.

Side effects

A Philippine dealer in the UAE offers abortion pills. He guarantees a free termination of a pregnancy, but does not tell you what methods are used, nor does he tell you what the side effects of these pills are. In addition, he doesn’t guarantee that the abortion will be successful. The pills are not approved by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and carry risks such as death.

Medical abortion is a vital health need for millions of women and girls around the world. One in every four pregnancies in the Middle East ends in an abortion. Don’t be ashamed to get an abortion. It’s your body, not a man’s! You can make the decision based on your own reasons. In the UAE, the procedure is legal. It’s a common procedure in the UAE, but access to safe services is far from guaranteed.

Abortion Pills in UAE


The UAE is a strict anti-abortion society. Under UAE law, attempting to have an abortion is a crime punishable by imprisonment for five to seven years. However, women can use prescription pills to induce abortion in certain limited circumstances. For instance, a pregnant woman who seeks hospital treatment after having a miscarriage may be charged with attempted abortion. A woman must provide her marriage certificate in order to access abortion pills. Also, the law states that abortion is illegal if the woman’s life is at risk. In addition, the fetus must be below 120 days.

The only situation in which an abortion is legal in UAE is in cases of life-threatening conditions or if the pregnancy is the result of rape. Furthermore, conditions such as Down’s syndrome are not considered medical terminations in the UAE. Despite this, taking a birth control pill can result in premature uterine rupture after eight weeks of pregnancy, which may result in the retardation of the child. Other risks associated with abortion pills include excessive bleeding and cramps.

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