If you’ve ever wondered what bangs hairstyle Korean look like, you’re in the right place. Bangs are highly fashionable in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China. In all countries, they’re made in a particular manner to fulfill specific aesthetic and style goals.

Bangs hairstyle Korean

Step 1:

Decide the location you would like your hair’s fringe to start and the location you’d like to split your hair. Then, comb the bangs inwards over your forehead.

Step 2:

The portion of your hair between your eyebrows should be the primary focus since it is essential to creating the perfect hairstyle.

Step 3:

Cut the hair down to the length between the upper and lower lash line and your eyebrows. Make precise vertical cuts to thin the ends.

Step 4: 

Divide a portion on either side of the section you’ve cut. These two sections must be of equal size. Diagonally cut them beginning on the nose’s bridge up to the jawbone to form the side of your bangs.

Step 5: 

Side bangs that are diagonal help to cover portions of your face on the sides. This makes your face appear slimmer. After cutting your side bangs, make sure you sweep them out to the side and then spread out the middle part of the bangs, leaving them looking natural on your forehead.

Step 6: 

It is possible to use rollers or a hair straightener to curly your hair to the side for perfect volume. You’ve got your best Korean bangs.

Top tips for getting bangs hairstyle Korean

Bangs hairstyle Korean that shows through is known so because they’re so thin and wispy that you can see your face through the bangs. They are smaller in the middle and more significant at the sides like those mentioned earlier. But there are some tips you can use to achieve the perfect Korean hairstyles that show through.

Tip 1. 

Take your time to thin the hair. These vertical cuts are likely the most crucial thing in this hairstyle. It is also possible to use thin scissors, but you’ll need to be more cautious.

Tip 2 

The bangs should not begin with a height that is too high. The higher the point your cracks start, the more hair falls over your forehead and becomes part of your bangs. The more hair you have, the more difficult it is to thin out your bangs. So, your bangs will likely start just a few inches behind the hairline.

Tip 3: 

Use styling products. If you’re not afraid of some wax on your hair, be sure to apply it. It’ll give a more streamlined appearance to your bangs.

Top 15 Bangs Hairstyles Korean

Here are some incredible Korean bangs hairstyles which other Asian women could also try.

1. The Short Straight Bangs on Longhair

This hairstyle that features Korean bangs is as straightforward as it can get, mainly when worn on dark hair; however, it’s so chic. Divide your hair into your middle. Cut your bangs straight, approximately half an inch higher than the eyebrows. Straighten your hair using iron for straightening your hair.

2. Straight Bangs Bob

If you’re seeking cute, short Korean hairstyles with Korean influences that are easy to keep, you should choose this hairstyle. Hairstyles to Style Cut these circular hairstyles into a short bob. Layer it on thinner scissors and an edging brush to make it look more stylish.

3. Natural Korean Bangs

Natural hairstyles are so cute with bangs, such as these transparent Korean bangs and some hair accessories. Part one’s hair into the middle. Style your bangs and coat with a styling brush while you blow-dry. After that, you can put your side bangs behind your ears or wear the most adorable headband.

4. Thin Korean Bangs and Buns

If you’re looking to be playful, you may like these buns. Perfect for: Square and heart-shaped faces. Use the roller to curl your bangs upwards. Separate the remainder of your hair into the middle, and then style it into a large double bun with the sides.

5. Bangs enhanced by the high Ponytail

Bangs and ponytails are always an ideal match! Perfect for: Square or round faces. Tie a medium-high ponytail in the back, leaving the Korean Style loose.

6. View Through Bangs

Short bobs look super chic and could only be more adorable with these glare-through Korean bangs. Perfect for: Oval or square-shaped face. It is to cut a short bob with a middle section and visible Korean bangs. Style it with a hairbrush while blow-drying.

7. Bangs and Headbands

If you’re looking for a headband, there are many choices to help your hairstyle shine. Perfect for: Oval as well as heart-shaped facial features. After blow-drying and styling your hair, make use of a bandana for an accessory for your headband to create a chic style.

Bangs and Headbands

8. Korean Bangs and a Braid

Rewind to the 70s with this beautiful hairstyle braided with Korean bangs. Tie a sleek high ponytail in the back, leaving the bangs loose. Be assured that it’s flawlessly smooth. You can braid a simple one from the Ponytail. Secure it using the elastic band.

9. Messy Short Hairstyle

Short messy hairstyles look stylish as well as extremely simple to keep.

What to do: Cut an asymmetrical haircut with a bob or Korean bangs. The bangs should be swept towards the sides and then use the styling brush and styling products to smudge the hair.

10. Wavy Side Ponytail

Get the K-pop vibes by making this side ponytail adorned with Korean bangs. Use an edging brush and an air dryer to style your hair. You can then use an iron to straighten the natural waves that are soft and gentle. Make a ponytail that is high on the side. Apply hairspray to keep it sleek and keep the curls in place.

11. Cute Samurai Bun

By wearing a samurai bun, you’ll be able to keep hair off your face while looking chic while looking stylish. Use the styling brush while blow-drying, turning one of the fringes upwards. Take a small piece of hair just as you would wearing the regular Ponytail and tie it up in a messy bun. You can leave a few hair strands that fall loosely on your face.

12. Korean Bangs the Curly Hairstyle

This half-updos for schoolgirls with Korean bangs and a bow at the top is irresistible. Perfect to: Oval as well as round-shaped face. Use an iron to straighten your hair or curling iron to make your hair curl. Create a simple half-updo and secure it using the elastic band. Allow the bangs to fall on your forehead. If there isn’t any hair you own, you can use a weave. Make use of a headband that is colorful for decorative purposes.

13. Very High Concussive Bun with Bangs

The messy buns look great on everyone, are easy to make, and are always trendy. An iconic haircut with bangs. If there is straight hair, there is no need to style it before creating the hairstyle. Make use of the elastic bands to keep this messy hairstyle. Leave a thin, long string on either side of the bangs of the bun.

14. Voluptuous Straight Blowout Hair

This gorgeous long straight lengthy hairstyle featuring Korean bangs is simply stunning. Use the styling brush and an air dryer to smooth your hair. Then curl your ends to the side. This way, your hair will maintain its volume.

15. Space Buns with thick bangs

Do you like high buns? If so, then you should test this Style for blonde hair. Perfect suitable for Oval as well as heart-shaped facial features. What to do: Curl the ends of your bangs upwards using the roller. Leave one longer length on each side of your hairstyle. Create the hairstyle by making a high double bun.

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This post is all about how to get bangs hairstyle Korean effortlessly! It’s safe to say that the Korean wave has taken the world by storm since it emerged a few years ago, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Many ladies are attracted to Korean bangs because they look feminine and trendy at the same time. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a new hairstyle or if you’re inspired by the hairstyle of your favorite Korean celebrities and want to avoid the queue for a haircut.