Pole dance, that sport that many talk about and that generates many doubts and myths. Those who practice it fall in love and become addicted, not only because it is fun and challenging, but also because of the excellent benefits it has in many ways. But before knowing the benefits of pole dance, do we really know what it is?

 What is Pole Dance?

Pole Dance, Pole Dance Fitness or Pole Fitness? They all exist and are correct. Among them, the proportion of dance elements vs. acrobatics varies. Its predecessor is the Chinese Mast and you can also find it as an American bar. We must say that Pole Fitness is a whole sport practice, it has regulations and it is federated. It has competitions at all levels, from Pole Fitness for beginners to  Pole Sport Elite (International Pole Dance Federation) , for the most pro.

Gone are the old clichés of the  «strip-club»  and hostess bars, to become the fashionable discipline in the world. If “few clothes” are used in Pole Fitness, it is for no other reason than to be able to hold on to the bar more easily and to have fewer limitations when it comes to improving our figures. In fact, athletes like  Marion Crampé  show us how Pole dancing has more to do with the art of 셔츠룸 than with eroticism.

The (top) 5 benefits of Pole Dance:


Pole Dance Force

It’s probably the Pole’s most visible benefit. Surely you have been able to see the arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs of the girls (and boys) who practice it. In addition, being a functional exercise, learning and new tricks are accompanied by an increase in muscular resistance. Even if it’s just for the great body… it’s worth a try! Didn’t you do it because you don’t have the strength? You don’t need strength to start, you need desire. You gain strength with practice itself. Little by little you will generate it with the basic exercises of the class.

In the first classes you work turns and figures

on the bar without having to climb, and with this you will get used to the bar and generating force naturally to gradually achieve the exercises higher and higher. With the first figures you are not only gaining strength, but also losing your fear of the bar, of height and how hard we are sometimes with ourselves. The Pole is a group satisfaction, not only for the student who is starting, but also for the teachers and their classmates, who will experience your successes as their own.


Flexibility is youth. How do you move, gracefully and elastically or do you look like you’re going to snap when you bend over? The Pole helps you stay young and dynamic. The stretching and flexibility work focused on achieving more aesthetic and artistic figures on the bar, but in reality it will help you improve your dynamism day by day, in your daily life. The sum of the strength with the elasticity will make you manage to improve your tricks on the bar.

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