There are many stars studded in the skies of the boxing world. Many people made the game what we know it, and many matches changed the future course. Thanks to some drastic yet amazing matches, the boxing gloves, and other boxing equipment have evolved a lot. 

This blog post will look at some of the best matches in boxing history that made the game what we know it as today. So, buckle up your boxing gloves and get ready for the stars to shine.

Best Boxing Matches Ever: 

Here are some of the best boxing matches that ever took place: 

Ward v/s Gatti: 

If Ward vs. Gatti is boxing’s most ferocious rivalry, then this is the sport’s most illustrious rivalry. This 1971 Heavyweight Title contest, dubbed “The Fight of the Century” for a good cause, was about more than just a championship. 

Many saw it as a representation of the times, a clash between Muhammad Ali, the counterculture, and Joe Frazier, who represented the pro-war establishment. Of course, Ali’s famed bark established much of this, but when it came time to fight, Smokin’ Joe let his fists do the talking, letting those boxing gloves take charge.

The renowned combatants brawled for 15 rounds in Madison Square Garden in front of a media circus, pummeling one other to the point where reports of their deaths spread after the last bell rang. Each man lived to fight another day, and it was Frazier who won by unanimous decision.

Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns:

This eight-minute snoozefest between Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns featured more drama, action, and intensity than virtually any other bout in history, even though it lasted three rounds. Hagler and the “Motor City Cobra,” both fearsome knockout artists, arrived at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with many buzzes and lived up to it right away. The middleweights unleashed power punches after power punches in what has been dubbed “the greatest round in boxing history,” yet neither man was knocked out. Hagler and Hearns laboured through the following two rounds, exhausted after the crazy three minutes until a bloodied Hagler won with a dominant wrist followed by two straight punches.

Micky Ward vs. Arturo Gatti:

The 2002 fight between Micky Ward of Lowell, Massachusetts, and Arturo Gatti, the first in boxing’s most savage trilogy, won its place in history for sheer brutality. Ward and Gatti, two nasty fighters, were both eager to take everything the other had to offer, and the ups and downs of the fighting made it difficult to tell who was getting the best of the action.

However, in the ninth, Ward, a lethal body puncher, dropped Gatti to the mat with a searing kidney blow that the match would be decided. Even though Gatti continued to fight, Ward was declared the winner by a majority decision, although the bout will be recognized for the action rather than the result.

Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman:

George Foreman was pure hell in 1974. Before it was revealed that Foreman would be facing Muhammad Ali in Zaire in a battle called “The Rumble in the Jungle,” he made mincemeat of Joe Frazier and humiliated Ken Norton in two rounds.

Ali, despite his popularity, was seen as the underdog in this title bout. The Foreman was far too large and strong. But “The Louisville Lip” was prepared for his youthful opponent. He famously wrapped himself up against the ropes and then let Foreman throw punches until he tired himself out, adopting a tactic he nicknamed the “rope-a-dope.” Ali capitalized in the eighth round, knocking Foreman out with a strong right hand.

Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello:

This 1982 fantasy battle matched the cocky, boastful Aaron Pryor against the stern, austere Alexis Arguello in a 15-round slugfest dubbed “The Battle of the Champions” by promoter Bob Arum. When he got into the ring with a light heavyweight Pryor, Arguello, dubbed “The Explosive Thin Man,” was seeking to become the first candidate to win belts in 4 different weight divisions.

He came close, too, with his deadly hands controlling most of the battle, but “The Hawk” came alive in the last rounds, pounding Arguello with blows until the fight was abruptly stopped.

The fight’s outcome was doubted by a strange black bottle provided to Pryor by discredited trainer Panama Lewis in between rounds, but “The Hawk” would silence his detractors by beating Arguello more cunningly ten months later.


So, these were some of the best matches in boxing history. These events helped shape the expectations and standards we all have from today’s game. The boxing gloves they wore and the equipment they used are proud to be parts of something historical. 

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