In this article, we will explore the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Arellano Felix, a prominent figure in crime and drug trafficking. We will delve into Benjamin Arellano Felix net worth, career, age, height, personal life, awards, and other relevant information. Benjamin Arellano Felix gained notoriety as a high-ranking member of the Tijuana Cartel, also known as the Arellano Felix Organization, one of Mexico’s most powerful drug trafficking organizations. So, let’s dive into the intriguing life of Benjamin Arellano Felix.

Net Worth$1.5 Million
CareerBenjamin Arellano Felix rose to power as a high-ranking member of the Tijuana Cartel, a prominent drug trafficking organization.
Other InfoBenjamin Arellano Felix was born on March 12, 1952. He played a significant role in the Tijuana Cartel’s operations, which attracted global attention.

Early Life and Background

Benjamin Arellano Felix was born on March 12, 1952, in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. He was raised in a family that would later become heavily involved in organized crime. Benjamin, along with his brothers Ramon, Francisco Javier, and Eduardo, formed the core leadership of the Tijuana Cartel. Their criminal empire was built on drug trafficking, extortion, and violence. Benjamin’s early exposure to this environment shaped his future path.

Career and Achievements

Benjamin Arellano Felix rose to power in the 1980s and 1990s, establishing the Tijuana Cartel as a major player in the international drug trade. Under his leadership, the cartel grew its operations, smuggling large narcotics into the United States. The organization’s influence extended across multiple regions, and they controlled key drug routes, generating immense profits.

However, Benjamin’s criminal activities didn’t go unnoticed. Law enforcement agencies in Mexico and the United States began targeting the Tijuana Cartel and its leaders. Benjamin Arellano Felix became a primary target for authorities, leading to confrontations and arrests.

Net Worth and Financial Success

Determining the exact net worth of Benjamin Arellano Felix is challenging due to the secretive nature of his illicit activities. It is believed that his involvement in drug trafficking allowed him to amass a significant fortune. Arellano Felix net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. The Tijuana Cartel’s operations generated billions in revenue, with a considerable portion flowing to its leaders. Benjamin’s financial success can be attributed to his high-ranking position within the organization.

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Legacy and Influence

Benjamin Arellano Felix’s legacy looms large over the underworld of organized crime, leaving an indelible mark on the history of drug trafficking in Mexico and beyond. His strategic acumen and unwavering determination propelled the Tijuana Cartel to the forefront of the global narcotics trade, reshaping the dynamics of illicit economies and law enforcement strategies.

Beyond his notoriety as a drug lord, Arellano Felix’s life serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the human toll of criminal enterprises and the complex interplay between power, corruption, and violence. His incarceration underscores the enduring struggle against transnational crime, prompting reflection on the societal forces that fuel illicit activities and perpetuate cycles of exploitation and suffering.

As authorities continue to dismantle criminal networks and pursue justice, Benjamin Arellano Felix’s story remains a potent reminder of the relentless pursuit of truth and accountability in the face of pervasive criminality. In the annals of history, his name resonates as both a symbol of illicit power and a testament to the enduring resolve of those dedicated to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the welfare of communities worldwide.

Benjamin Arellano Felix physical appearance

·         The Enigmatic Gaze

The piercing gaze of Benjamin Arellano Félix is one of his most striking physical attributes. Often captured in photographs and videos, his eyes seem to hold a mysterious intensity that reveals little but hints at the depths of his character. With a cold and calculating stare, his eyes have become symbolic of his unyielding power and determination.

·         Chiseled Facial Structure

Arellano Félix possesses a chiseled facial structure that accentuates his commanding presence. Strong cheekbones, a well-defined jawline, and a prominent brow ridge lend an air of authority to his appearance. These features, coupled with a meticulously groomed beard and mustache, contribute to a sense of rugged masculinity that commands respect and instills fear in equal measure.

·         The Imposing Stature

Standing tall at approximately 6 feet, Benjamin Arellano Félix cuts an imposing figure. His height, combined with a well-built physique, exudes an aura of strength and dominance. This physical presence has undoubtedly played a role in solidifying his authority within the criminal underworld, allowing him to command loyalty and inspire fear among his associates.

·         Discreet Elegance

In contrast to the conventional image of a drug lord, Arellano Félix has been known to possess a sense of discreet elegance. Often seen donning tailored suits in dark colors, he exhibits a refined style that stands out amid the gritty backdrop of his criminal activities. This sartorial choice underscores his status and reminds him that power can be both ruthless and refined.

·         Notable Scars

The physical appearance of Benjamin Arellano Félix is also marked by the presence of scars, further adding to the intrigue surrounding him. While the exact origins of these scars remain shrouded in mystery, they serve as a visible testament to the violence and danger that permeate his world. These scars are a visual reminder of the ruthless nature of his endeavors and the battles fought along the way.

Personal Life and Relationships

1.      Family Ties

Benjamin Arellano Félix was born into a family intricately intertwined with organized crime. He is part of the infamous Arellano Félix clan, which founded and operated the notorious Tijuana Cartel. His brothers, Ramón, Javier, Eduardo, and Francisco, played significant roles in the cartel’s operations, further cementing the family’s criminal legacy. The dynamics of this influential family undoubtedly profoundly impacted Arellano Félix’s personal life.

2.      Marital Status

Details regarding Benjamin Arellano Félix’s marital status are scarce. Due to the secretive nature of his life, it is challenging to ascertain whether he was married or had any long-term relationships. His commitment to maintaining a low profile may have contributed to the limited information about his personal life.

3.      Alleged Extramarital Affairs

Rumors and speculations have circulated regarding Arellano Félix’s alleged involvement in extramarital affairs. However, concrete evidence supporting these claims is lacking. Given the clandestine nature of his criminal activities, it isn’t easy to separate fact from fiction regarding his relationships.

4.      Familial Bonds

While details about Arellano Félix’s relationships are scarce, it is known that his family played a significant role in his personal and criminal life. The Arellano Félix brothers operated as a tightly-knit unit within the Tijuana Cartel, sharing the burden of power and the risks associated with their illicit activities. The loyalty and trust within this family circle were instrumental in their rise to prominence.

5.      Connections and Allegiances

Beyond his immediate family, Benjamin Arellano Félix cultivated connections and allegiances with various individuals within the criminal underworld. These relationships extended to other powerful figures in Mexican organized crime, allowing him to navigate the complex network of alliances and rivalries that defined his world. Understanding these associations provides insights into the intricate web of power and influence in which Arellano Félix operated.

Awards and Recognition

Unsurprisingly, Benjamin Arellano Felix received no official awards or recognition for his criminal activities. Instead, he gained notoriety and infamy as a drug lord and a figure associated with violence and illicit trade. The Tijuana Cartel’s activities attracted global attention, leading to increased efforts to dismantle the organization and bring its leaders to justice.


Benjamin Arellano Felix’s life is a cautionary tale of the consequences of engaging in criminal activities. While he achieved significant power and financial success, his actions led to a life filled with violence and constant conflict with law enforcement agencies. Today, Benjamin is incarcerated, serving a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes. His story reminds him of the devastating impact of drug trafficking and organized crime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Benjamin Arellano Felix rise to power?

Benjamin Arellano Felix rose to power as a high-ranking member of the Tijuana Cartel, a prominent drug trafficking organization. His leadership and involvement in the cartel’s operations helped establish its dominance in the international drug trade.

Is Benjamin Arellano Felix still in prison?

Yes, Benjamin Arellano Felix is serving a lengthy prison sentence for his criminal activities. He was apprehended by authorities and convicted for his involvement in drug trafficking and other illicit activities.

Were there any notable accomplishments associated with Benjamin Arellano Felix?

Benjamin Arellano Felix’s notoriety stems from his involvement in the Tijuana Cartel and its criminal activities. While he did not receive any official awards or recognition, his actions significantly impacted the drug trade and law enforcement efforts to combat organized crime.

How did Benjamin Arellano Felix’s criminal activities affect society?

Benjamin Arellano Felix’s criminal activities, along with those of the Tijuana Cartel, had a detrimental effect on society. Their involvement in drug trafficking and violence contributed to increased crime rates and instability in the regions they operated.