Bloggers for Instagram 

We hear stories of blogging’s success and how easy it is to earn passive income from it and thus embark on our blog journey.We devise a clever title, then revel in our instant success. We all know the blogging industry is like a goldmine, and we’re going to become rich. However, even the wealthiest gold mine isn’t easy work in real life.It would be best if you continued to work at removing the soil and rock to extract the gold. It must then be refined and processed before it can be used. A large amount of rock may eventually result in a tiny nugget of gold. click here

The same applies to blogging. To begin with, there’s plenty of competition. On WordPress alone, there are 18 million blog sites.This means that simply posting your blog isn’t guaranteed to be successful. Of course, having a top WordPress hosting package can help with success since it will ensure speed and speedy uptime. However, there’s more to success than this.

Where do you publish your blog entries?

You’ll need to do a little more to achieve that. In the graphic below, we’ve identified the elements that a good blog post must contain.However, writing the blog post is just the beginning, and you’ll also require an approach to promotion.

Social media is a highly efficient method to promote your blog as Instagram is growing to become a more well-known option. In this article, we’ll look at how to promote your blog on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Do not fall into the trap of believing that Instagram is just a site where teens take endless selfies. It has this element; however, there’s plenty more too. Since it’s an image-based medium, it’s the perfect way to market your blog.

In addition, with more than one billion users per month, with 500 million using the app daily, Instagram has huge potential.

Getting Started

The first step is to create your profile. To complete this task, you’ll first have to install the app.

Do take some time to make your bio. It’s not where you write your personal history. Instead, it’s a brief outline of your personality, what you do, and what you’re most passionate about. Many people make the error of leaving the blank.

This is a very wrong choice.

I would always recommend using emojis because they attract attention. Don’t ignore the link you could add to your bio. Make your bio attractive and stand out. It should catch your readers’ attention and then ensure that they can navigate to your blog by clicking on the link in your profile.

Post-Great Content

You’ll be enticed to share everything and anything.

Big mistake.

It is best to ensure that your blog posts are relevant to your blog to ensure you create high-quality posts. Instead of posting six blurry images at random, make sure you take the time to prepare one outstanding image.

Quality and creativity are the two most essential factors in this case. Utilize creative filters, upload stunning photos, and then spend some time creating your posts to look like artwork.

Take a Screenshot

But how can artful posts assist in getting readers to visit your blog? They’re not directly effective, but they do entice your readers. They convince them that your website is worthy of following.

You can also increase your followers by taking pictures of your most recent blog post with your smartphone and uploading them to your account. You should ensure that you locate an attractive section of your blog to highlight and have a good image to accompany it.

A good tip is to use mock-ups of devices on which you could embed the image of your blog. If you’ve never used Photoshop mock-ups and think this is too complicated, you could engage a freelancer through and let them handle this for you… You guessed it, $5.

How do you prepare for shooting?

Your images must be captivating enough to draw attention to the caption of your post. Write a compelling description for your blog article. The caption should summarize what readers will discover when they read your blog. Be sure to include some pertinent hashtags, too.

It is possible to seal the deal by telling your followers that they can locate the link to your website in your bio. Of course, if you have more than 10,000 followers and promoting it in your Stories by swipe feature is a great idea.

Be a Leader and a Follower

One effective method of increasing followers for social networks is engaging with them on their social media pages. Find posts that compliment your posts or Instagrammers with the same engagement style as you. Many of them will be willing to reciprocate.

If you come across relevant posts, you should like their posts and then leave helpful comments. Make sure to tailor the comments to the specific image rather than simply making a general comment such as “Great photo.”

Use this method outside of Instagram, and start searching for blogs you can follow and whose blogs you’d like to comment on.

Show What Goes On Behind the Curtain

Making it clear that you’re an actual person and the way you do your job can allow them to connect to you and make you more relatable to people in general.

Let them know that you are human too.

Try Using Themes

Select a theme that’s pertinent to your blog and distinguishes your images. Choose a style or theme that’s different from the ones other blogs are using, so you can distinguish your blog’s identity.Look for suggestions on Pinterest and explore ways to create new and exciting ideas.

Use the Video Function as Well

Instagram lets you make videos of whatever you’d like to. The only catch? It has to be 60 minutes at most (unless it’s IGTV, which uses a distinct, longer format for video). Consider videos as short, captivating blog posts. Inform people about the content you’re talking about and offer them glimpses of blog content.

People’s attention span is very much today, and you must capture people’s attention within the first second, or they’ll continue scrolling.