Online shopping is the most popular way of shopping for goods and services the world over. It saves time and effort looking for products, and goods can be delivered within the fastest turnaround time. 

Therefore, if you run an online store or app then it’s important to have an integrated payment gateway for accepting online payments and giving customers a safe and secure online shopping experience. 

So, if your business is lacking payment gateway integration, here’s a brief guide on how to integrate payment gateway in mobile apps! 

What is a Payment Gateway for Mobile Apps?

A payment gateway for mobile apps functions the same way as it would for any other store. It allows customers to pay for goods and services using digital payment modes such as credit/debit cards, UPI, digital wallets, etc. 

By acting as a secure channel, the payment gateway encrypts the information before transmitting financial information to the concerned party for the transaction to happen. Since various parties are involved in the entire process, including the issuing bank, the merchant bank, the card network, etc. 

it’s important to have a payment gateway to make the entire transaction process as secure and seamless as possible to give customers a great experience while shopping. 

How to Add a Payment Gateway to Mobile Apps? 

Although there are several steps involved in integrating a payment gateway to mobile apps, the process is not that complicated. 

However, someone with technical know-how is required to understand documentation, connect the payment gateway API, and code official guides. Listed below are a few general steps that can be used to integrate a payment gateway system into apps. 

Integrating Server and Client-Side SDKs

SDK is basically a software development kit that comes with a series of development tools, utilities, and documents to help understand the nitty-gritty of a specific system. 

They are generally used to collect and process payment data from the app. Since they are specific to a platform, they can help developers get up to speed with setting the system up, and ensuring that data is handled in a safe and secure manner. 

Connecting to the API

The payment gateway’s API connects the app’s checkout system to the payment acquiring network. By doing so, it is able to handle all transactions that place between a seller and buyer. Here’s how it handles the payment process: 

  • The API encrypts the card information 
  • Authenticates and authorizes the payment request
  • Confirms the purchase

This process ensures a smooth and seamless buying experience for the customer. 

Apply for Application

Very every payment gateway needs to comply with certain industry standards such as PCI-DSS. So, in case you have used a special API to integrate a payment gateway then you would need to apply for certification to prove that the system is certified to securely accept online payments, and is committed to protecting consumers’ financial data. 

As we said, integrating a payment gateway into your mobile apps is a pretty straightforward process, and generally isn’t complicated. Now that you know the steps of implementing it, let’s come to the big question… 

How Much do You Need to Spend on Payment Gateway Integration? 

Well, there isn’t any fixed cost to it, and it could vary as per the app’s special requirements and features. For e.g., if the app sticks to basic features of only accepting payments, the cost would be lesser compared to additional features such as storing card information, modules for returns processing, etc. enabled. 

Moreover, the cost will also depend on the hired developer’s skill and location. The best way is to partner with reliable payment processing companies, who would be able to give you a proper estimate of costs, set up the system, and provide support and maintenance. This is the most cost-effective solution for integrating a payment gateway into mobile apps. 

An app that’s trying to sell products online is a bad idea without a payment gateway system, so any app that wants to flourish in the long run should get a payment system integration as early as possible! 

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