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Have you ever imagined what happens when you lose your ability to do work? If you have disability reduces your capacity to do work or not?

In today’s world earning becomes an important part for surviving in this world and without stable income follows the financial insecurities and other such related problems in life. So is the case with disability which leads to the inability to do work. Biggest ability with which humans are blessed with is the sense to do work. We cannot even think of getting a disability in our worst nightmares but let us think rationally and be prepared for the unknown possibilities in our life.

But the biggest question that is popping in our mind is how do we make our future income secure?

Buy affordable short term disability insurance. Yes, you heard it right short term disability insurance is designed to protect gig economy workers or self-employed, employer and employees if the worker is not in a condition to do their job as a result of disability caused by illness or injury.

Why buy short term disability insurance?

  • INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE provides best affordable short term disability insurance which covers different types of disabilities plus high coverage value which leaves no space for you to worry about your future financial security.
  • INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE provides flexible policy and claiming of the insurance policy is of short waiting period with quick dispersal of coverage.
  • Short term disability insurance is specifically designed for self-employed individuals or gig economy workers, employed individuals with low incomes and fewer saving. 
  • Many people who frequently get into disability are at more risk of getting disability again and again and getting short term disability insurance by INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE is the smart move to protect financial vulnerabilities in their lives.
  • People who have higher risk of a job and have health related issues should protect their future as life is the most valuable asset that we have by taking the short term disability insurance policy.
  • It protects from financial burden that comes out of disability.
  • Single breadwinners and not having an alternative or constant source of earnings can always be a part of our short term disability insurance policy.
  • For those who don’t have emergency savings funds could find themselves at sea in difficult situations of not being able to work, so short term disability insurance is the way forward.
  • Nowadays the working labor force is increasing day by day and considering the risks involved in their life a large income section of people are getting enrolled in the short term disability insurance policy.
  • Buy the insurance policy when you are healthy because early you buy the policy high premium will be ensured.

INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE is the  time tested friend of bad times .we work with the motive of reducing financial hardships in people’s life during the recovery period of disability so that we can transform the lives of millions and together we can make this place a better place to live in.

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