C.J. Davis, the police chief, terminated five police officers, who are accused of Tyre Nichols’s death. According to a communiqué from Davis on Wednesday, the physical abuse by a police officer caused Nichols’ death. 

According to the latest news today, Davis also ordered the investigation of other police officers engaged in the death of Nichols by violating department rules during the stop on January 7. She said the entire incident was inhumane, reckless, and heinous. Everyone can view the incident from the video captured on a body camera, which will be released soon.

Davis said everyone will feel the same way as the Nichols family experiences the pain. She also claimed that all of you will be outraged by the violation of basic human rights by police officers, who took an oath to protect law and order and save the lives of people, after watching the video.

Ensures department policies

Davis promised that police officers would always follow department rules during encounters. She said people can engage in peaceful protests to show their ire against the violations by police officers.

Nichols’s family attorneys said police officers engaged at the stop were not in cars marked for them. They also claimed such officers belonged to the organized crime unit. An administrative review last week found that officers used excessive force and were dismissed from the service. 

The efforts to approach the police officers on Wednesday have not succeeded. The police officers’ union’s president in Memphis, Lt. Essica Cage-Rosario, did not comment on the issue on Wednesday night despite requests. She also did not comment on the misconduct of the officers. 

Last week, Essica said the family of Nichols and Memphis citizens have the right to know complete details of the events that caused the death of Nichols and what led to it. According to a spokesperson for the department on Monday, two fire department officials in Memphis engaged in the initial patient care of Nichols were relieved of their duties.  An internal inquiry is ordered to find the circumstances that caused the death of Nichols. 

Few details are available about the stop that caused the death of Nichols. According to a release from the department, police pulled over Nichols for reckless driving, and in the following confrontation, he tried to give a slip to the authorities. After the incident, 29-year-old Nichols experienced shortness of breath. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and breathed his last after three days. 

Excessive bleeding is the chief cause of Nichols death

The medical examiner in Shelby County has yet to release the official cause of death for Nichols. According to US News Websites, Nichols’ family attorney stated that severe beatings caused excessive bleeding, which led to his death. It is revealed by the forensic pathologist appointed by the Nichols family. 

The video clip recorded at the stop and reviewed by the lawyers revealed that he experienced an unabashed, unadulterated, and nonstop beating at the hands of police officers on duty. According to a 2016 lawsuit, the officer involved in this excessive beating incident also assaulted a prison inmate. The Department of Justice and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) are reviewing the case. 

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