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Woo commerce – The good thing about Woo commerce is that it is a free plugging and therefore can be installed within your Word Press page to add an Online Store section for your sports club.

Magnetos – If you are looking for a more professional and complete Online Store, Magneto is your ideal solution. It has a full paid version, but the free one is more than enough to get started.

Apo toque – It is a sports crowd funding platform.

With this tool you will not only be able to seek financing for your club, but it also focuses on crowd funding for athletes, event organizers and professionals in the world of sports.

Sponsor. me – In this crowd funding platform you can put your sports project to get financing, with the great advantage that it offers up to 10 different payment methods. No one will have an excuse not to contribute their grain of sand!

Sin sponsor – It is a platform to facilitate communication between sports clubs and private companies that want to sponsor the club. On the platform you can categorize your crowd funding depending on the sports modality of your club.

Make champ – The leader in crowd funding for competitive nba중계. Global platform with presence in 52 countries and more than 2 million euros collected.

Crowd funder – English platform with more than 13 million euros received between the different sports projects that they promote.

Sponsorship for clubs and athletes

Sponsoo – On this platform, anyone can make athletes’ dreams come true by becoming a sponsor. They have a portfolio with more than 6,000 athletes and 5,000 clubs – Platform focused on seeking financing for high-level athletes to train and participate in national, European, world and Olympic championships.

Become a Pro – They connect sponsors with athletes through a very simple process. With more than 1,000 athletes, it is one of the fastest growing platforms.

Streaming for sports clubs

Watches – With this streaming platform you can produce live broadcasts using your mobile, public Wi-Fi or 4G networks. You can create and broadcast short, quick live streams or professional multi-camera broadcasts. Broadcasting also through different social networks.

Footters – Through a monthly payment, Footers will broadcast the 2nd B and 3rd division football matches to those subscribed to the platform. At the moment it only focuses on soccer clubs, but perhaps later it will expand its offer.

YouTube – YouTube is the world’s largest audiovisual content platform. You can take advantage of the millions of users that exist to broadcast live videos and reach a large number of audiences.

Twitch – The platform that reigns in streaming today. Especially positioned in the sports sector, more and more clubs are opting for this tool for their live broadcasts

Accounting for sports clubs

Bewe – Although it is more focused on sports centers and gyms, you can use the tool for your club by adapting it a bit. Among other features, it offers you the possibility of managing the club’s accounting, controlling billing, cash and expenses.

Email marketing for your sports club

Mail chimp – Mail chimp is one of the most interesting solutions out there for email marketing. Manage the list of subscribers and send a newsletter, new blog posts or any relevant news about your club.

Pipe drive – One of the best CRM for sports clubs. It allows you to carry out email marketing, while managing your clients/athletes and automating various tasks related to the marketing of your entity. We have made a comparison with the rest of CRMs for clubs in a post.

As you can see, here you have several tools that can make it easier to carry out your day-to-day tasks. Lean on technology to get things done faster, and spend your time on what’s really important. Learn about all the technological solutions for sports clubs that we have at Cuplike.