Choosing a laptop is a tough decision these days because there are too many options available, and they all look the same to the unknowing. Before starting to compare laptops, you will need to understand your needs, especially if you’re looking to game. Then, you can start dissecting the specs and choosing the perfect laptop. Throughout this email, we will tell you which specs you need to assess when buying a new gaming laptop


The CPU is responsible for telling your computer what to do and it will communicate with the rest of the motherboard. A CPU’s power is measured by the number of threads and cores it has, but that’s a discussion for another article. Having a powerful CPU can improve your gameplay greatly, and the Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptop will do the trick on a budget. 

The graphics card (GPU) takes the pressure off the CPU and ensures that you get smooth gameplay. However, you need to make sure that the CPU and GPU are compatible, otherwise, you can create a bottleneck. A graphics card will be the most expensive part of a computer, and the more you spend, the better quality it will be. 


A laptop’s display capabilities will directly impact your gaming experience, but getting it right goes further than having a large screen. Here is everything you need to look out for in a laptop’s display:

  • OLED. You don’t need an OLED screen, but it’s one of the best types on the market at the moment. Instead of relying on a backlight to generate pixels, these screen’s pixels create their own light, which makes for crystal clear scenes. 
  • Refresh rate. A high refresh rate helps to avoid game lag and makes your experience smoother. On average, you should aim for a screen with a 120 to 144Hz refresh rate. 
  • Resolution. Pixels make up pictures on a screen and the more there are, the crisper the image. In 2022, many gaming laptops manage to pack 1440p or 4K into their screens, but this will increase the cost. 
  • Screen size. The most common screen sizes for laptops are 13, 15, and 17-inch. The bezel (border) will cut into the screen size, so try and find a thin one to get the most out of your laptop. 

Storage and Memory

The RAM is your computer’s memory, and the more functions you open, the greater toll it will take. For gaming, we suggest having a RAM of at least 16GB, which will be enough to play most AAA titles. You can install up to 32GB RAM, but you will only need that if you’re doing video-intensive work like 3D rendering. 

Computer storage is where you keep your saved files and is different from memory (RAM). If you’re planning to game intensively, you will need to have a large storage capacity, and the closer to the motherboard you can get, the faster it will run. 

Choosing a laptop is complicated but understanding the terminology above will help you. Remember, before you start your search, take a moment to decide what your needs are. 

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