With a solar charger, you are absolutely independent of conventional power supply, because you can conveniently charge small and medium-sized devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops on the go. The connection to the power grid is not necessary for this. Small and inexpensive devices are enough for a battery charge on the smartphone. High-quality appliances have enough power to power a camping refrigerator.

Do the test yourself and find a high-quality solar charger for your requirements. Whether camping or in everyday life: The right device is practical and environmentally friendly.

The most important in a nutshell

  • With a solar charger, you can’t store energy. Accordingly, it can only be used in direct sunlight. But you also get a solar charger power bank that stores energy for a later date.
  • Most of the offers in the test for solar chargers have several panels that can be folded. Depending on the desired performance, the devices have a high weight of up to 2 kg. On average, they weigh around 650g.
  • The larger the total area of the solar collectors, the better the possible performance. Many providers work with a panel in the size of 60 cm x 25 cm.

Are you a real camping fan, but you don’t want to do without your smartphone or tablet even in the great outdoors? Or are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to electricity from the socket? In both cases, a solar charger is a good option.

You get solar panels in various sizes and with different handling. Which offer is the best solar charger for you depends on many factors? In our Purchase Advice 2022, we would like to present you with the most important information on the subject of solar charging stations in one place. An individual comparison for solar chargers is thus easily carried out.

No power outlet? No problem: Solar chargers are simply practical

Hardly a day when we are not on the road with smartphones and tablets in our pockets. And it is without question annoying when the battery is about to end again, but there is no power connection nearby. A scenario that should be very well known to outdoor fans in particular.

With a solar panel, however, you can set off free from the mains with your gadgets and do not have to do without a charged battery. You can quickly bring power back into the battery with a solar panel for your mobile phone. Larger models are even suitable for powering smaller camping equipment.

In the solar panel test, it is repeatedly pointed out that with such a device you only have electricity available if the panel is directly exposed to sunlight. Because the solar charging station has no power bank function. If you want to use them, you have to resort to a solar battery with a solar charger.

These solar devices with integrated power banks have advantages as well as disadvantages for you:


  • Energy can be stored in the battery
  • Battery charger can also be used at night
  • Solar charger with a battery charges several devices at the same time
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  • High-priced

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