If you compare the prices in a motorcycle backpack test, you will see that you can already get cheap motorcycle backpacks for 20 euros, but can also spend more than ten times. This depends on the workmanship, the brand, and the extras. For example, a Dainese motorcycle backpack often comes with an additional compartment for the laptop, small outer pockets for smartphones, and partly a built-in helmet carrier.

We have listed the most important purchase criteria:

  • Capacity in l
  • Size in cm
  • low dead weight in g
  • Type of closure
  • Reflectors
  • 4000xl generac generator
  • Waterproof?
  • Type of belt: star strap, waist belt?
  • Compartments: laptop compartment, an outdoor compartment for mobile phone?

Wearing comfort and operation of the motorcycle backpack

The wearing comfort, but also a simple operation are particularly important with a motorcycle backpack. As current motorcycle backpack tests show, in 2022 you do not necessarily have to purchase the motorcycle backpack test winner. There are also cheap models that fit well and are comfortable to wear.

Motorcycle backpacks often have many straps and cords to ensure a secure fit on the back even at high speeds. However, make sure that the type of closure is well processed and can be opened and closed quickly. Here, Velcro fasteners or click fasteners are more advantageous than cords and ribbons.

Safe driving even in the dark

If you are on the road at night or at dusk, it is particularly important to be recognized by other road users at an early stage. If your motorcycle backpack is reflective, you will be recognized from a distance and are thus safe on the road. If your motorcycle backpack is not already equipped with reflectors or luminous stripes, you can buy reflector tapes from Rossmann and attach them to the backpack.

Tip: Choose a neon motorcycle backpack in bright colors, this increases safety. Because these reflect the incident light even more.

Against winds and cold

If you are often traveling at low temperatures or particularly sensitive to wind, a kidney belt is an ideal motorcycle clothing to protect against a cold. You can also buy a motorcycle backpack that has an integrated kidney belt from Büse or other manufacturers.