Since the introduction of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro as well as 11 Pro Max in September 2019 you might be aware of the capabilities of these phones. In reality there are a few iPhone 11 hidden features that Apple added that they did not make the news and never gained much popularity, and even in the event that you do there are many of us who don’t know about them.

Some iPhone 11 Hidden Features You Should Know

This time, we’d like to share with you those iPhone 11 hidden features that you aren’t aware of and that you could benefit from them.

Check the Original Screen

The iPhone 11 series comes with an undiscovered feature that lets users to determine whether their screen of the iPhone is genuine or not. Apple has stated it will inform customers after the iPhone 11 series will inform customers who visit the service center for their damaged screen to determine if it’s original and reliable, or not. The screen can get replaced by a less reliable one. In many instances the screens could result in an ineffective display and touch.

This is helpful if you are purchasing an iPhone from any place. It is possible to determine whether you are buying an iPhone 11 has an original or non-original aftermarket display by visiting Settings Settings – General and then about.

Stability Detection on Night Mode

The camera’s night mode is now a widely-known feature on iPhone 11 devices. Apple hasn’t spoken much about the stabilization detection function. The feature can now be determined if the phone is stable or not. Are you on an tripod or some other device and will provide more options for long exposure and allow you to choose exposure times that range from at 10 seconds. This feature utilizes the latest technology in processing and artificial intelligence to assist users take clear pictures.

iPhone 11 Series has WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is a brand new standard for wireless connectivity. It is primarily focused on expanding capacity of devices to allow for greater connectivity and faster connections to networks. It is the iPhone 11 series now support gigabits of data per second.

Hybrid Energy Management

As with all lithium-ion batteries iPhone batteries have a short lifespan. They wear out with time, which could result in a variety of issues such as unexpected shutdowns and slower performance. iPhone 11 iPhone 11 devices come with an answer to this issue by introducing a hybrid hardware and software management system. It monitors dynamically the power and performance of the device requirements without interference from you and with no noticeable impact on performance. So it continues to function smoothly even while the battery gets older. Can You Kennel a Dog in Heat?

In essence the new system is based on a combination of ways the software depicted in it’s iOS 13 operating system and the new hardware work in order to make sure that the iPhone remains a reliable device.

Manage HDR for Real

Previous iPhone devices support However, it wasn’t actually using this kind of technology. The iPhone 11 managed HDR10 or Dolby Vision colors in a realistic and efficient manner that matched the video being played.

This is how to use the iPhone 11 hidden features that we have for you. Make sure to make use of them in a way that maximizes the potential that you can get from your iPhone.

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