Juicer or blender? Here’s the question: There’s a lot of confusion about the different aspects of nutrition. of juicing and blending Some people have the misconception that juicing and blending are the same thing. No – sure, increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption is good for your health and fitness. Many people still wonder which option offers more health benefits than the other. Both options transform delicious fruits and vegetables into highly nutritious and delicious drinks. But the way of doing things gave very different results. To better understand the main differences Let’s first look at the definitions of both processes. Click here easy clean blender for more details.

What is juice?

Juicing is the process of separating the liquid part of a fruit or vegetable from the fiber or pulp. simple indication Squeezing removes all liquid from your mix. but no other parts of the fruit/vegetables when juicing You get a thin, concentrated liquid product that contains vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients. associated with high levels of health benefits

What is blending?

Use any vegetables or fruits in the mixing process. What you put in your blender is what you need to consume. The amount of your drink will be much more than juices made from the same fruits and vegetables – many people call them smoothies.

Basic features of juicing and blending

• Juicer

• To blend

• Do not use whole fruits/vegetables.

• No waste by using everything you put into it.

• Easier to digest when fibers dissolve in the process.

• Not easily absorbed as it contains more fiber. slows down the digestion process

• Because the finished product is not as thick as the mixed product. So you get hungry faster after digestion.

• Provides a slow release of energy. to avoid sugar splashes and drips You will feel full for longer.

• The end product is easily absorbed by the body.

• Aids digestion by eliminating toxins and promoting the regular elimination of such toxins.

• Provide fruit juices that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

• It has less vitamins, minerals and enzymes compared to fruit juices.

The benefits of fruit juice

• Removes most toxins: Non-organic fruits and vegetables often contain certain amounts of agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides. when you juice You flush out most of the toxins.

• Provide a highly nutritious drink with a small amount of liquid.

• An ideal choice for those seeking a high fiber diet.

• Due to the light weight of the final product, your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients faster and easier without stimulating digestion.

• This process is suitable for cleansing and detoxification. The same goes for people with very sensitive digestive systems who may be sensitive to high-fiber foods.

• Fiber-free: means the juice is good for the digestive system.

• Fast Absorption: The vitamins and minerals from juices are easily absorbed by your body to put all these nutrients where they need it most.


• You store all fibers in the product. This means that you will feel full for a long time after digestion.

• Because you can add other foods like nuts to the blender. So you increase your intake of proteins and healthy fats.

• The amount of your drink will be more than the amount of a juicer made with the same amount of fruits and vegetables.

• The high fiber content in your drink slows down digestion. This means that the energy in your body is released slowly and steadily. This prevents the rise and fall of sugar.

• Aid digestion: Fiber in fruits/vegetables acts on the digestive system and helps flush toxins from the body.

Disadvantages of fruit juice

It is more expensive because you need a larger amount of the product to make a glass of juice.

Disadvantages of mixing

when using non-organic ingredients You consume most of the toxins that are consumed. Always use organic ingredients when mixing.

Which method is healthier?

Frankly, both methods produce excellent juices containing different amounts of vitamins and minerals due to different methods. used in the production of products; We can say that if you are on a weight loss program and you want to follow a low fiber diet. However, juicing is also a better choice as blending will give you a rich and nutritious drink. You will notice that you are less hungry after drinking a smoothie. This will help you avoid overeating.